Tuesday, May 1, 2012

studio night!

first, a lovely photo from our morning walk- sun through arrowleaf balsam root. what a way to start the day!

i was lucky enough tonight to have lynn (who can't draw, but somehow created this in a couple of hours.)

nancy (who is making a very fine paper mache to sculpt little critters from to adorn the frame of one of her paintings)

and sue, who is providing a convenient foot rest for echo, studio bou. sue was a bit worried about echo, but a few salmon treats took care of that- he's happily snoozing on her shoe. (and my foot).

crane is still making me crazy- i pulled her from hanging on sunday bc i just didn't feel like she was finished. closer now (lynn & husband agree), but still not quite there. i'll sleep on it. and have her hanging me around til she presents an answer.

punk rock kingfisher is done, he just needs to dry so i can scan him for a better image. came together pretty well, thankfully (it's fun not to struggle once in a while).

speaking of it being fun not to struggle, i am going to be traveling a lot and otherwise busy with stuff and not have time to make new art. i need to finish my traffic box. and although we regularly hang art in the gallery that doesn't fit the bylaws as far as rotation i set myself a goal when i joined of not repeating myself. it gets discouraging to work to follow the rules & see them not applied. between that and understanding the bad reputation that i seem to have created for myself in the gallery i decided to request a leave of absence.

and my heart immediately lightened. 3 months to get my attitude straight, to make art for the fun of it (or not) to better figure out how to find the spot between cares too much & doesn't give a shit (maybe even to figure out how to better not give a shit).

but of course- i can't work regular shifts, so my being a member means i have to be able to be on the hanging committee. and there's no guarantee there will be a spot there in september. so i asked that i stay on the hanging committee, take a leave from the downtown gallery, still have art in the airport.

we'll see where that goes. there is a precedent for that happening, but that may not mean anything. so i guess if they turn me down i'll stay, rotate old art thru (that has been out for more than a year, not breaking any rules) and figure out how to have a healthy relationship with the gallery & its members. which may be the lesson i need to learn.

aint it grand that at the ripe old age of 53 there's still stuff to learn :) wish me luck!

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

Fab punk rock kingfisher!
Hope you've had a good week and have a great weekend with your friend in town.