Sunday, May 6, 2012

since tuesday- photo essay

hard to believe i haven't been here since tuesday! no wonder i'm not getting art done- it is awfully busy!

first shot is from one of our morning walks, showcasing a typical spring sky-

thursday was first thursday, and i had serving duty at the gallery. fun as usual to see everyone out & about. friday we headed for the hills. got there in time for a yummy dinner out & a nice sunset (even if there weren't any clouds to make it spectacular).

my wonderful husband understands getting out to catch dawn. so we were up at 5 am to get to the marsh. and the sunrise was beautiful, but again, without some clouds to provide interest over the water the photo opps (landscape-wise) were limited.

it is a beautiful place, tho, the light makes the green just glow and the reflections create a lot of interest, so there's always something to shoot out there this time of year.

if the sky isn't exactly cooperating there are usually beasts who will. what do you think this pair of swainson's hawks is talking about?

and a pair of cinnamon teal- the males are the most beautiful color. they're really spooky, flying off at the least disturbance, so i was happy to get this shot.

we found a field full of cranes. counted 40 of them there today. amazing. and, well, when they start dancing it seems to be contagious-

caught some good shots of this pair flying

and confirmed that what i thought was a nest last time we were up is indeed. look forward to catching the chicks in a month or so-

lastly, i don't usually shoot canadian geese. because they're everywhere and there are so many of them and they're noisy and annoying..... but there was a pair coming in for a landing when i shot the crane above & i do like bird in flight photos, so i shot away- and kind of like the one below-

the fun continues next week- denver tues & wed, art show opening on thursday (more on that later), friend coming to town on friday, function to attend with her on saturday ......and replay the week after.

and it will be fun- i get to see my dad when i'm in denver, and it will be fun to see christi, it just makes me glad that i decided to ask for a leave at the gallery or i'd be kinda stressed. because that traffic box is due in about a month too. good thing i work best to a deadline!

have a great week- will post as i can-


Pam McKnight said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend/great shots!
and you have a great husband to get up that early with you on his Birthday weekend!

becky said...

Sounds like life has been busy but good, Marianne. Glad you're getting out & about... I need to do the same! Have a great time w/ your friends & seeing your Pop!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Marianne, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've been lurking on yours, admiring your latest work and your nature excursions. These photos are beautiful.

Congratulations on getting a traffic box! Our town is starting to do that too. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for it!