Tuesday, April 17, 2012

studio night! yay!

ahhhh, tuesday night. always wonderful, but especially when it's closing in on time to have new art to rotate into the gallery. having my fellow artists working with me feeds my creativity & takes the pressure off- it's just easier to make things.

thought i'd show you what the rest of the crew is working on-

nancy- currently working on this clay doll (that she made). note to self- must check out lumiere paint-

lynn was creating ways to fit as much functional room as possible into a small space- redesigning her office to also serve as a guest room- yeah, there's math involved

pam working on assemblage pieces. we fell down on the job as far as helping with names, but i'm sure she'll come up with something brilliant!

this is where i started- struggling with both, tho i felt better about the B after last night's work on it-

and even better at the end of the evening- i think it's done! yay! spatters rock! they are a great way to tie things together and create movement without disturbing the essence of the piece.

the crane is still trying to find her way. i opted to do a more stylized image, but that means that the background needs more work it seems. thinking that a stylized flower stencil of some sort might be the thing. this is a layer of matte medium to reduce the shine & help me think.

lastly, the dolphins are lighter and, i think, done.

and that's it for now. maybe some studio tomorrow, but not much for the rest of the week- music thursday, photo safari over the weekend. only one week til hanging, tho- i need to finish some things!

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Barb said...

Wow - that B really morphed - I love seeing the changes.The ladies look really industrious.