Sunday, April 1, 2012


busy weekend- great concert friday night- john nemeth and elvin bishop.  john is a local, a great blues vocalist & mean harmonica player. he moved to san francisco years ago to pursue his career, has since garnered awards & accolades. what a treat to see him in front of a hometown crowd with a legend.

john is a great entertainer, and he has a fabulous band. the place was rockin' (well, bluesin') and it sounded wonderful. and then elvin bishop came out. in a plaid short & overalls. crazy gray hair. no rock star attitude at all. but the sound (from the same musicians) went up a notch. i checked with lynn- am i crazy, or do the same musicians suddenly sound better? (and they sounded damn fine before, but it was different). she said she was going to ask me the same thing.

i love how playing up stretches us and helps us accomplish more than we thought possible. it was really interesting how the dynamic (and the music) changed. and what was really good before became great. it's an intangible, it's why i love live music, it's one of those things you can't really explain but it's nice to have a friend to verify. and it's why i love studio night and being in the gallery and entering juried shows and all of the things i do that scare me but stretch me.

as an artist i have a much higher comfort level with being uncomfortable and pushing myself than i do in general. but i do think that i'm learning to let that bleed over, because the rewards of being open and trying things far outweigh the negatives.

saturday, we ran up to fairfield to see how much water we have under the house (a lot). cool weird fogginess on the way up-

not a lot of snow left- these shots are all taken same location, same day, same time of day, just different vantage points- you can see that things are running off rather quickly-

speaking of runoff- playing with the camera, water over grass, fast shutter speed-

another arty shot-

and the first dancing crane sighting of the year- yay! i love these guys. and seeing them dance is amazing. crane painting in the very near future:)

i will be 53 tomorrow. i'm sure i will rue getting older at some point but right now it just keeps getting better. i am lucky- i have a great life. the world is endlessly fascinating and there is so much to learn, and so many people to learn from. thanks for your lessons and encouragement!

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