Sunday, April 8, 2012

spring! Happy Easter-

even with friday off it was a quick weekend- don't know where the time goes! we saw the hunger games friday- loved it, they did a good job.

hike saturday, and some stuff around the house, then out to a local singer/songwriters showcase, which was great.

hike this morning- things are starting to bloom- currants


and at home, species tulips-

violets (which always remind me of my grandmother)

lenten rose-

and daffodils-

i start teaching my class tomorrow, night, so some time was spent gathering supplies. i need to get a few more things together, print some handouts & organize in my head. we have 5 or 6 spots filled, so that's good.

this will be a busy week- class monday, atudio tuesday, heartless bastards concert wednesday, phoenix thursday & friday, and probably head for the hills next weekend- there may not be much blogging in there, so have a great week!


Barb said...

New camera photos? I thought of you yesterday - had to go to Mall and the guys at Sony store were trying to sell me your camera. (Not that I don't want it!) It's so LIGHT. It almost feels like a toy. AND they told me you can buy an adapter and use other lenses on it. Unfortunately, must play a bit more with my HX9 before I spend the bucks for a new one. (I did get an iPad though...)

marianne said...

yes, and it's wonderful! :) you'll love the ipad too...