Monday, April 16, 2012

marianne's mixed media mash up, week 2

week 2 of the mixed media mash up. the middle is always the hardest part for me. making backgrounds is easy, once i start, because there's no pressure. and once i've figured out where the piece wants to go it pretty much flows, but that middle part of finding the way to the end can be really tough.

so of course i brought tons of stuff & offered plenty of options. maybe too many. they told me to stop, looking just a tiny bit overwhelmed. but there are so many ways you can go! here's the group playing away-

and some of the works in progress- once we got going it got easier (funny how that works)

i even made progress on the painful b painting, which i brought as an example of how ugly things can be in that middle stage.

next week we'll be finishing things up. it'll be fun to see where everyone's work ends up & what goodies they bring to get it there. i'm lucky to have a class of women who make art in other forms, so it isn't much of a leap for them to play with new stuff, which is nice.

tomorrow, studio night :)

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