Sunday, April 15, 2012

last week, part 2- the hills

first- judy, you were right. having both cameras is the way to go, no question. and the strap is great (unless i think i need a tripod).

we went to fairfield on saturday, and checked out the nature conservancy's silver creek conservation area. can't believe we've never been there!

first- my very favorite big animal, a moose. we had no idea that there were moose so close-

we think it was a mama & 2 calves from last year. looking a little rough blowing her winter coat, standing in the water chewing her cud.

we couldn't stay long, but will be back to explore. over 150 types of birds seen along the creek (oh boy!), moose and other critters, fishing for the hub, beautiful scenic vistas & nice trails- looking forward to it!

back on the camas prairie, lots of antelope. this was a young guy, more curious about us that scared. hopefully he'll learn to be scared & make it through hunting season, in the meantime it was a great photo opp.

we saw a veritable herd of sandhill cranes. steve counted 30. first trip to the marsh in the evening, and i wonder if they group up at night & disperse into smaller groups during the day. it was something to see so many together, with a few geese mixed in.

 2 cranes landing, with bonus crow (love those surprises!)

we had a beautiful sunset

an equally beautiful sunrise on the marsh

and came home & caught the great horned owl on our dog walk.

i am a very lucky woman! have a great week-


Judy Wood said...

Glad you are making use of both cameras, and that the strap is proving useful. Monopods are good too!!

Barb said...

Wow! You had a critter bonanza! A damp, cold weekend here in Dener with snow in mts. Spring!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a wonderful trip! I love the moose and the beautiful sunrise. Seeing that owl is pretty cool too! Hope all is well.