Tuesday, April 10, 2012

another night in the studio-

oh, how i love tuesday nights! pam, lynn, jaki, sue & me tonight. it's a nice little clubhouse :)

i failed to get many photos, as i am on a mission to finish up my art source inches and get a bit ahead while i have a chance.

my friend jeanne got these amazing dolphin shots in the keys when a whole bunch of them (like 50-75) suddenly showed up in deep water near their boat. she gave me permission to paint. which, after having done the dolphin swim, i felt qualified to do. it's important to me to have a connection with what i'm painting, and dolphins are not part of my native environment. but after the swim i feel like it's ok.

i a background looking at me for a while (8x8), was thinking about a kingfisher

but my husband was on the computer and i didn't want to bother him to print and it was nearly studio time so i decided to give the dolphins a try. and i think it's working out ok.... they're darker than in the photo, so i may do some lightening & detail work, but mostly pretty good i think. thanks to pam for the suggestion to turn sideways- much better!

this one is challenging me. i've had quite a few spontaneous "likes" but i can't get past the fact that the bird & 2 bees have halos from the tissue paper that was supposed to melt into the background. dammit. i have tried to paint over it- both darker and lighter; i have tried to sand it off; i have tried to ignore it- i hate it and can't see past it. i would have made sure that at least i liked the shapes if i knew i would be seeing them as part of the piece. i am about to try to scrape down and pull the damn things off.

but i'll have some time to ruminate. heartless bastards show tomorrow night, off to phoenix at o dark thirty thursday morning, home late friday, then photo safari in fairfield. so the next time i can mess with it will be sunday afternoon. which is probably a good thing.

have a great rest of the week-


Pam McKnight said...

Thanks! It is like a little club house, isn't it...fun times!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

I absolutely love how your dolphins are turning out.
Stay inspired!

becky said...

Loving the dolphins so far. And I am certain you'll figure out what to do w/ the next one, you always do! Shoot girl, I am still wondering where you get all your energy- you are always so busy doing so much!

Barb said...

Yes, give it a rest and come back with fresh eyes. I love the colors in the piece and only the tissue around the bird catches the eye - the bees are more faded. Your schedule sounds exhausting. Hope Phoenix isn't too hot. I leave for there on the 27th to visit Mary with Girlfriends.