Sunday, March 18, 2012

wasted most of the day in the studio :)

and progress was made.....

i've had this background & the raven image for a few months, but was having a mental block about pulling out the alkyds. weird, bc i did several successfully a few months ago, but sometimes you just wait to be ready. and finally i am.

i gessoed in the image (after tracing it on the background) so i could see more easily where to paint.

here's where it sits now- pretty good progress for the day-

in the image below you can see the wet oil paint (alkyd is a fast drying oil paint, dries overnight rather than in a week, making it much more suited to my temperament). i love the blendablility this affords, and have a hard time painting in acrylic because that's how i am used to working. she's getting a rest now, will revisit tuesday.

i've been trying to figure out where to go with this and then pelican came to me. the color needed something light, and i have great shots from our florida trip. plus i just love them.

here's the symbolism:

The pelican represents teamwork, group dynamics, regeneration, and resourcefulness. Pelicans have been driven to near extinction in many areas due to the pollution of mankind, but have managed to bounce back. They speak of resilience and determination.

Pelicans are very social creatures who will hunt in groups in the spirit of cooperation, banding together to push schools of fish towards the shallows where they can then scoop them up. They nest communally and both males and females take turns sitting on the eggs. Pelican speaks of the group dynamic, shared responsibilities, and making the most of what we have been given.

as i am not a very social creature but am in a situation where paying closer attention to group dynamics would be smart. i'm sure that pelican came to me for a reason :)

here's the initial sketch, filled in with gesso-

and as far as i got today. this is acrylic paint, and you can see the difference in the look of the image- less blending, more distinct individual lines. a more skilled painter than i could make this look more like oil if that was the desired outcome. i'm pretty happy with it so far. (12x12)

this is an 8x8 piece i was struggling with. that big space to the left. even though there are intriguing hyroglyphics back there.

happier now. will probably add stripes somewhere to complete the flag/america/land of the free/home of the brave imagery. this one i really wanted to see on the blog to get enough of a remove to see it differently. it has been singing the national anthem to me, though- probably because of the eagle.

lastly, lake shore. barb! the trees are still there! better photo (and process) to come.

it was a cold and rainy day, well spent in the studio. happy with the progress.

gallery meeting tomorrow night, so no studio, i am going to practice keeping my mouth shut and going along to get along, because at the end of the day it doesn't matter much anyway. wish me luck:)

see you after studio night tuesday- and btw, if you haven't read this article on creativity it's quite interesting- glad to find i use a few of the techniques quite handily ( like drinking and learning/trying new things)..... have a great week-


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Not wasted time at all :).
Stay inspired!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My gosh~~ what a productive day you had! Love what's going on with the raven and pelican. My solution to not buying another set of paints was to get some gel that slowed the drying process of the acrylics. (can you spell CHEAP and LAZY???) I never could get a handle on the *feel* of alkyds, thus, find a way around them. ;-)
Will anxiously await the results of the meeting on Tuesday. *wink*
Just keep making your art as only you can. It's always inspiring and makes me think.
And YES~~a beer (pr bottle of wine) on occasion loosens all those tight *ss grey cells and lets me actually ooze ideas out.
What a process. HA.


Pam McKnight said...

great progress on all! I am working on your dragonfly design this morning. :)

Barb said...

Oh - I like its evolution - and hope it's finished.... When do you start to teach?

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love the trees and lake piece, and also the pelican. Hope all is well.