Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tuesday evening

another studio night- zella, lynn & sue. great energy, wonderful evening in the studio- as always. music, laughs, wine, brownies, art, dogs, cat- what's not to like? (except my friends trying to abscond with my animals!)

zella painting-

where i started:

and where they ended:

i am still not incredibly inspired to go in any special direction on these. seem to have a blue/green thing going. like the patina look of the first one, but the end imagery is not in sight. it'll come.

lynn and zella both make their living from their art. we had an interesting conversation about inspiration tonight. which is that you show up to work and it comes (or not), but you can't wait for it to strike to work. being in the gallery has really brought this home to me. i make it a point to have new art and not just rotate back in art that didn't sell before. because of this, i have become a better artist.

i need 40 linear inches of new art every month, whether i am inspired or not. sometimes it's a struggle, sometimes i can't spend enough time in the studio to bring all of the ideas i have to life. either way, it's a bar i have set for myself that serves me well. if i'm stuck i look for ideas- i read books, look at art, talk to other artists. something will break loose & get things moving. i like the challenge and the discipline.

again, i am struck by how lucky i am that art has brought so much into my life. the friends i have made on this journey stimulate my mind and creativity, keep me honest, keep me laughing and teach me so much. what a gift!


Barb said...

I quickly scrolled down to make sure you hadn't completely obliterated the tree scene in the 3rd - I like its composition with the map, music, and words. (I actually tried to enlarge to see if I could read some of what's on that page -something about a Chinese DR?) I know I'm too literal - I can hardly wait to see how you transform it. (But - I do like the tree scene...)

Judy Wood said...

Our usual synchronicity is at work here. Check out this quote that an artist friend posted on FB this morning--‎"Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work" Chuck Close

Pretty much sums it up!