Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the raven and the pelican

i love tuesdays, i love the studio that my husband & his sons built for me, and i love my friends. i am so lucky.

tonight we had jaki, who brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the traffic box- she was the first to offer me congrats on getting it too. she applied and was not accepted (and is a million times more accomplished as an artist than i am); nancy & sue. lovely group, lively conversation.

raven was finished as we chatted- needs a better photo, but i'm happy with him. symbolizing magic, endings and beginnings, the power of thought and the active search for information.

and pelican- whose symbolism includes a suggestion to perch yourself in an advantageous position, and observe the resources that come your way. also, take time to forge healthy relationships with people in your community with a goal to establish co-operative benefits for the group.

both very appropriate these days. i was sick to my stomach thinking about the gallery meeting last night. inadvertently i seem to have alienated quite a few board members & fellow artists. and we were, yet again, going to have a discussion about going to linear inches vs. square inches at the airport gallery. and that means that those of us who work smaller end up with a lot less real estate than those who don't. though i wanted to not deal with it i knew that if i didn't speak up i'd regret it.

so i hid in the corner, and i thought about the nicest way to bring up my concerns, even though i was pretty sure that there were plenty of people there who wouldn't hear me. when i started to speak, i saw the couple in front of me shaking their heads. and it was explained to me why the proposal was, indeed, equitable. then the new airport manager suggested a brilliant compromise- x amount of square inches or x linear inches, whichever the artist chooses, so that those who work big are accommodated and those who work small are too.

as i was hiding, jaki told everyone that i had been awarded a traffic box and led a toast to me. and jerry, president of open studios, thanked me for the altoids tin show and other work i've done for bosco. and several members came around to talk and i remembered what fellowship feels like and the good things about community and i was once again so grateful for the people and experiences that art has brought into my life.

a cooperative gallery is a funny thing- trying to get 40 plus artists to agree on anything is like herding cats. most of us are, by nature, not terribly social or interested in group things. we have different ideas about rules and how to make it work. there are bound to be issues and personality conflicts. it's amazing that the place works as well as it does, and it's a good learning experience, quite different from any corporate environment i've been in.

happy wednesday!


Barb said...

When I read the Pelican symbolism and then about your meeting, I thought maybe it should be your spirit bird. Nice!

marianne said...

funny how these things show up at appropriate times, isn't it?