Sunday, March 11, 2012

print making made easy

patty, pam, nancy and i (and 3 dogs) headed for the hills this weekend. planning to play in the snow, eat, laugh, drink & create. the weather saturday was beautiful and we had a nice hike.

nancy and i planned to use the weekend to make our prints for the leftovers print exchange hosted by amy nack of wingtip press. i had a really hard time coming up with anything presentable last year, so of course i decided to participate again :)

i saw way to make prints using take out styro containers on pinterest & sent it to nancy and we decided to give it a try. nancy is on the lefy. patty, in the middle, was working out how to knit a blanket with yarn from her grandmother. pam, on the right, brought materials to work on her assemblage pieces.

the process is as follows: after cutting out the lid of the container, you draw your image into the styrofoam. we found a pen to be easiest to use.

spread ink on a plexi sheet and fill the brayer evenly

ink up the plate- you can see here that i lost some detail because the pen stroke wasn't as heavy & didn't go as deep in some places. this was by design on the bulb, as i didn't like how busy it looked when all filled in, not to mention this gives more of a feeling of contour.

next, lay the paper face down on the plate & burnish (i just rubbed with my hand) and- voila! the finished print-

it amazes me that things look so much more artistic after being printed like this. i had so much fun that i made over 20 prints instead of the 15 required for the exchange. which is OK because some will make it into my mixed media.

here's nancy's work-

she took a different approach and is going to make all of hers the same. a bit of trial & error revealed that the best plan was to cut the cat out of the background print, then lay in the gold base color, then print the cat on top of that. cool huh?

here's some of pam's output. she started raiding the wood scrap box on the porch about halfway through the evening and found some very satisfactory base pieces for the pears & the partial piece at the top.

great weekend! lots of fun, laughs & creativity. can't wait to see what leftovers show up in my mailbox in a few weeks!

happy spring all!


Barb said...

A productive girlfriends' weekend! (Awesome blue sky for your hike.)

becky said...

Hi Marianne,
Looks like a super fun way of printmaking. I haven't done any printmaking since taking classes up in Oregon. Speaking of which, I think you will be an excellent teacher- I'd take a class from you any day. I think your students will appreciate your experience & intuitive style. Plus you can just tell, YOU'RE fun! And that is a big plus in a teacher. (Take that form a lifelong student.) Glad to see you are well & creating your heart out! See you next time... :)

marianne said...

barb- it was gorgeous on saturday! love it when it's 50 and you can play in the snow!
becky- thanks for the encouraging words. i do try to keep it fun!

Christine said...

Very cool and more in my budget. Since I saw the hearts cut out of meat trays and painted I have saved my trays and plan to use them as soon as I have a day off of work :). Thanks for the inspiration.

marianne said...

christine- have fun! it's amazing the creative things that people come up with, isn't it? i'm always glad to find stuff like this- and to pass it on! look forward to seeing what you come up with!