Thursday, March 8, 2012

the next stretch

in keeping with my theory that, like sharks, if we don't keep moving we die (yes, that's borrowed from annie hall), i'm about to put myself out there and teach a class.

i've taken a couple of classes at wingtip press (even tho printmaking is not me) and enjoyed them, and have also enjoyed getting to know the proprietress amy nack (even tho she does like to tease me). so when amy approached me about teaching a mixed media class i was honored. and scared. because the way i work is not very structured (ha! an understatement!) and it seemed like some structure would be necessary. i talked to lynn & lisa, both of whom teach & asked for their ideas. both offered to help (i know some great women!).

we talked, i thought about it, then i didn't hear from amy again. except to get emails about classes being held at wingtip. part of me thought whew- off the hook. but part of me, intrigued and looking for the challenge went- wait a minute, what happened? so i sent an email to amy, found out she'd just been busy and but was still interested and so here i am. scared? yes. excited? that too.

what i hope is that i can strike a balance between teaching & and encouraging creativity and experimentation. i know that when the energy is right within a group amazing things happen, and if i can facilitate that by providing processes i will be happy. but i'm still kinda nervous. i've taken enough classes/workshops to know what i like as a student, so that will help. and i have my fabulous support system to bounce things off of. but as i have been reminded lately my reality isn't necessarily everyones'.

headed to girl's weekend in fairfield tomorrow- 4 of us heading up to hike, play in the snow, make art, drink, laugh- it'll be fun! have a great weekend yourself :)


Christine said...

I'd sign up in a heartbeat except the commute is a killer.

Barb said...

What reality? Go with your gut, girl! You'll be great - except I hope they like change... Just kidding. Have fun on your girlfriends' weekend. I'll be leaving on a girlfriends' vacation end of April. I'm in Denver - beautiful here! Like spring.

marianne said...

thanks guys! barb- will warn them not to get too attached! :)