Saturday, March 24, 2012

a little bit of everything

first, better shots of pelican & raven-

pelican is sold and on her way to florida!

this week kind of flew by without me really knowing why- no studio time since tuesday, just busy with stuff, i guess. nice long hike this morning. took the new camera to check it out some more, and i continue to really like it.

we're having our very own music festival, treefort, here in boise. thursday through sunday, including lots of bands on their way back to the pacific nw from south by southwest. if you read this blog you know how i love music. husband and i decided to grab some passes on thursday evening, and we've been enjoying ever since.

hope to get into the studio some tomorrow. and hear some more music. maybe a smidge of yardwork, laundry & house cleaning- ha! i know what falls to the bottom of THAT to do list :) happy sunday all-

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love how the birds turned out~~especially the pose of the Raven!
I've been busy trying to get some yard work in as the rain we got made everything GROW too fast...mowing, weeding, need to get the bench grinder and put and edge on the hoe to pull out some noxious plants.
Not even happening. LOL!
Just want back in the studio....