Thursday, March 15, 2012

i got one!

i was awarded a traffic box! (for more info, check out my post here). there were 108 applicants for 24 spots (19 boxes commissioned, 5 "when we have more money you're next on the list")

one thing that makes this really special to me is that i was traveling and found out i was accepted because 2 of my artist friends (who also applied and weren't on the short list) contacted me to say congrats. that's the person i want to be. the generosity that i want to show.

i walk with my neighbor in the mornings and she has mentioned my attitude of abundance. i think of it as the more the merrier- the more of us that are out there having a good time, the better. and if i can share an idea, technique, insight to spur someone else on, so much the better. many people have done that for me over the years. i truly believe that we are stronger together. my friends' calls reinforce that thinking.

that doesn't mean that i don't think "really, they chose her and not me?" or "that sells and mine doesn't? wtf?". it's a natural reaction. but at the end of the day there's plenty of room for all of us. and someone buying original art is good- no matter whose art it is. we can be disappointed for ourselves and happy for our friends. i will certainly be the one making those congratulations calls (or texts) at some point.

this is the piece that the judges liked best. my box is on the corner of 10th & Idaho, right downtown, and there's public art on the back of the idanha hotel (where some say roger miller wrote "king of the road") that's a ceramic collage. the judges thought that this type of work would complement that piece. i'm glad to have that bit of info.

looking forward to next steps- timeline, pattern, etc. you may have noticed that i love a good challenge, something that pushes me out there. between this & the upcoming class i think i've got plenty to keep me occupied for the next month or so! :)


Christine said...

Fantastic. Congrats!! Can't wait to see the process of your traffic box unfold.

Barb said...

WOWZER!!!!! Great news, Marianne! Congrats. High five from CO! PS Is Halle's toe better?

marianne said...

thanks guys! i'm excited and full of ideas. halle is supposed to be quiet for 6-8 weeks, and her toe is in a splint that goes all the way up her leg. poor pup! she has doogie downers, we're keeping her quiet & hoping it heals.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Congratulations, Marianne. That's brilliant news!