Thursday, March 1, 2012

gotta love the bonus check :)

the last time i spent money ahead of the bonus check was when i bought the camera on the right. only the bonus didn't quite cover it, so it was a good thing the tax return came in about the same time. but i love my d300 and am glad to have and shoot it.

but i like to hike and we travel and the d300 gets pretty heavy and my neck gets sore and it occurred to me that it would be nice to have something between the d300 & the point & shoot(s). because you can never have too many cameras. so i started researching. 2 friends recommended the canon g12 . but the husband is looking at a g1x and why would we have 2 such similar cameras? plus i am somewhat of a gearhead- even if i don't use all of the bells & whistles (which i do try to pay attention to so i don't overbuy but i do anyway).

i found mirrorless dslrs, aka compact system cameras & was intrigued. and the more i read the more sense they made. so i finally decided on one (because if you read enough reviews and there are only really 3 players in the category each will be crowned best by someone.) i chose the sony nex5n because it sounded like the best fit.

sony on the left, nikon on the right. the weight difference is tremendous. lens on left- 18-55; on right, 18-200, bit of a difference there, but the body is a lot smaller and lighter.

i haven't had much of a chance to shoot yet, but so far so good. below is the gallery tonight taken in the ambient light. not bad.

playing around at home this evening, no flash, fully automatic-

playing with various "apps"- toy camera-


retro photo-

high contrast b&w-

am i gonna have fun with this camera! and i actually bought a book on how to use it instead of relying on the owner's manual. i liked david busch's approach so much that i bought his book on the d300 too.

so, stay tuned for more photographic experiments. and the more photos i take, the more art i make :)

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Barb said...

That's the camera I thought about getting last spring before our trip but finally decided on my Sony HX9. I thought it sounded like a great little camera, but I wasn't sure about the mirrorless system. I'll be wanting a review from you after you've used it for awhile. I like that retro look for Halle.