Tuesday, March 27, 2012

camera fun, music & studio time

i am officially in love with the sony. it will never replace the d300 for those i can take a tripod and lenses in the car and set up long shot situations, but for hiking or walking around town? it's the bomb!

our hike saturday morning-

i bought the 19-200 lens and, as you can see, get a nice wide angle from the low end-

playing with shutter/aperture priority. the touch screen takes some getting used to. love it, but it's very sensitive so i have to be careful. i am tickled with the detail in the darker areas of the shots.

this in toy camera mode (bc i love playing with it on my phone, so why not?)

and again-

and after a 5.5 mile hike no sore neck from hauling the big camera. yay!

we had a homegrown music festival in town this weekend- treefort was set up to catch some of the pacific northwest bands on their way back from south by southwest. we decided on thursday (opening night) that we should probably partake. and a good call it was too!

snake rattle rattle snake

another hike sunday morning

and we had plans to close out the festival, but both started feeling funky...... i am recovered, husband still down for the count (tho he went to work yesterday and i slept all day)

so i got back into the studio tonight- just nancy & me- which felt really great. funny how a bit of time away can be so rejuvenating. and even though i wasn't inspired i still made progress, which is how it goes sometimes.

hope to have more along the inspiration lines to share soon :)


becky said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Hiking & photography, right up my alley. Music, yes, but haven't been to a show in forever (sensitive old ears, LOL.) Congrats on the pelican sale, too.
Looks like life is good! As it should be :)

Barb said...

I'm loving these shots with the new Sony! The field one really shows distance and depth. The shot of the water trickling of the rock is so clear! Nice!