Thursday, March 29, 2012


fall was always my favorite time of year until i lived in seattle. then i really learned to appreciate the colors of the rhododendrons and azaleas brightening up the gray gray world. boise tends to gray springs too- (tho not like seattle!) and the flowers are always a welcome sight here too. and other things are really springing for me right now too-

i have been working on art related, though not actual art, stuff. getting ready to teach my first workshop- a prospect i am more excited than nervous about (at least right now), which is a great thing to find out! i got my outline finished (yell if you see anything i missed :))-

Monday, April 9-
Substrates, bases, creating textured, layered backgrounds

·         Surfaces:

o   4 6x6 canvasses;

o   4 8x10 baltic birch panels

·         Surface Prep-

o   Gesso

o   Acrylic Paint

o   Acrylic Mediums

·         To create texture:

o   Tissue

o   Drywall Tape

·         To create interesting layered backgrounds:

o   Paper scraps- maps, sheet music, book pages

o   Stencils

o   Things that make marks- chopsticks, toothpicks, gears, bubble wrap

·         Paint techniques to add interest:

o   Alcohol drops

o   Saran Wrap

o   Sponging on/off

o   Color washes

Monday, April 16-

Building your art

·         Basics- PLAY!  you can always paint over it, nothing is wrong- except maybe putting acrylic paint over oil paint

·         Using your photos

o   Image transfer techniques-

§   transparency/inkjet/soft gel medium

§  Laserjet/ copier/ gel medium

o   Incorporating Laserjet photos

·         Stamps

·         Tying it together- washes, glazes, spattering, repeating shapes/ images

·         The wonders of:

o   Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold

o   Iridescent Bronze

o   Clear gesso

o   The hardware store

 Monday, April 23-
Finishing up

·         Questions? Problems? Eureka moments?

·         Finishing touches

o   Varnish?

o   Gel Medium?

o   Nada?

·         Crackers. Maybe, if you’re good.
went to the workshop location on my lunch hour to see what she had (lots of mediums, which is great) and got my order placed for supplies today. we have 4 of 6 spots filled, so i am starting to feel better about it. and a couple maybes on the facebook event with a little over a week to go. it'll be ok.

we've been doing the membership drive for open studios, and i am the clearing house for applications, so i am collecting those. we have some respected artists applying this year, which is great. including the guy who inspired me to start painting because his paintings of the foothills look just exactly how i feel when i'm in them, carl rowe. it will be fun to watch the jury process this year.
we are also planning gypsy gallery for april 5 (first thursday), we have 25 artists this time- the biggest ever- quite exciting! this is largely an auto pilot project for me anymore, one of the other artists finds the space & i collect the money & answer questions. the last few shows have filled up pretty quick, which is great.
looking back on all of that, i realize that i am doing a lot more art- wise than i thought. it just doesn't feel that way due to lack of studio time! tho there has been a bit of that too. still waiting for next steps on the traffic box project for the city, and waiting to hear on the pieces i submitted for boise visual chronicle, one of the city's art collections.
i have a new website at which is on wordpress and easy for me to maintain myself (thanks to my great designer cheryl flinn). there's another blog there, which will be my public face, leaving this for more random and personal thoughts (you're all used to that!).
going to see john nemeth & elvin bishop tomorrow night, to fairfield to try to catch some cranes on saturday, back for dinner saturday night and sunday is hanging day (making me realize that i better get some hardware on the backs of some art!)  so i may be a bit scarce, but i'll be back!

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Barb said...

Hi Marianne, Here's what to add to the top of your class outline, "EMBRACE CHANGE!" (Just kidding - but it's what you've taught me.) I'll be good if you'll give me a cracker....