Sunday, March 4, 2012

about that camera....

good thing that judy didn't get to me with info on the black rapid rs-4 camera strap before i bought the 5N. i might not have "needed" the camera :) and i am enjoying playing with it. (i did order a strap, though, because as judy rightly pointed out, i will want to have both cameras with me sometimes).

first, a hand held low light shot ( the iso rating goes to 12800)

testing the continuous shot program- up to 2.3 frames per second-

in camera auto hdr function-

a typical scenic shot-

halle posing happily- really pleased with the detail in the black portion of her coat-

decent macro shot (especially considering i was shooting blind, trying to figure out the electronic viewfinder!)

working my way through the guidebook, so these are all pretty basic auto exposure shots, which gives me great hope for images once i get more proficient.

back into the studio next week, gotta get going on april art! more to come- 

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Barb said...

I'm liking this new camera a lot. Dark areas really have definition and shading - nice! I may have to add it to my wish list.