Monday, February 27, 2012

two pear

i got this far on this one in january before i started 4 weeks of travel. googled the meaning of two, nothing jumped out at me. so i hung it in my office and looked at it once in a while and waited for it to talk to me.

and one saturday i woke up wondering if i could buy pears at albertsons in february. the answer is yes, but not very good ones, so lucky i didn't want to eat them!

the really professional photo shoot- at this point i was still undecided how i was adding the pears to the piece- painting, transferring? so i thought that photos would be a good backup.

ended up photoshopping the background out and printing with my laser printer (it's just a crisper image if using cheap paper, plus it won't run if i decide to actually use it in the piece).

i thought i would transfer the image, so i printed twice- once, below, as a guide, and a reversed image to transfer.

i cut the pears out, taped the stencil

and gessoed the shapes so that the transfer would show up well.

i wasn't happy with the end result of this one ( sorry i didn't take photos) mainly because a big chunk in the muddle of the green pear didn't transfer and while that would have been ok if the blue background was showing through it wasn't so great with white.

so i went to plan b, which was to use the images i had cut out to make the stencil. don't ask why, painting didn't seem like the thing to do on this one. maybe because i like the real look on the abstract background. maybe fruit just scares me (possible!)

i didn't want the pears to stand out quite so much, so i dropped a wash of green over the back to tie better, but it still wasn't quite there.

here's the finished product- i scribbled on the images a bit with some caran d'ache crayons, but the pears were floating and the upper right hand corner seemed big an empty. corrugated cardboard to the rescue! the repeat in the upper & lower corners is good, it brings some light & it anchors the pears & fills the empty space- perfect!

and barb, the deux is still there, just hidden a bit-

studio night tomorrow! yay! and i'll be back to blog more- been missing it!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love seeing the evolution if the piece, and isn't it nice when you can just lay something over the part you're not happy with? (I love mixed media....)
I find pears one of the things I do enjoy painting....go figure. Everything else, not so much anymore!
Nice work!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

I think the end result of this really works. Funny how it just suddenly came together. It has the look of two pears in a metallic kitchen area, and it's quite difficult to tell whether it exists as such or whether it has all been 'created' if you see what I mean (!) Hope you managed to get all the pieces you needed done in time for the exhibition hanging.

marianne said...

thanks! anne- i am scared of painting! don't know why, but i am! bizarre....that is what i love about mixed media (and oil and acrylic painting)
janice- thanks! i did manage to get all done, and glad you like the pears.