Tuesday, February 21, 2012


at last! tuesday studio night again! and since i am needing art by sunday it was good to be making it. i think this is done- (and if it is i will bore you with the step by step).


funny that jaki and sue, both amazing artists, liked the one i was afraid might be kind of cheesy (below). proving once again that you never know what will strike a chord. no reason for either of them to be fibbing- they could have easily not said anything. we talked about how often a piece that we don't like so much makes its way out there and is snapped up by someone who thinks it's wonderful.


and another one finished- 6x6 mixed media- love, kitty

i was so glad to have a tuesday night again- it has been a long time. i missed pam, nancy and lynn but it was fun to have jaki join us. we had great show & tell- leslie showed jaki & sue her art, sue brought a piece for feedback, sue & leslie checked out jaki's art out on the ipad. fun stuff.

sometimes i wish the studio was bigger, but the intimacy is good and in nice weather we can spill out into the yard. looking forward to that! i have a big list of friends to invite.

art has brought so many wonderful people into my life. good friends, teachers, people who stretch me. people i struggle with, don't like or respect, which is a different set of lessons. equally valuable.

i had a gallery board member unload on me this week about my "nasty" emails, and the chip on my shoulder. her perception is that i am never happy and too heavy handed in vocalizing my issues. perception is reality. and we all know the definition of insanity. 

i will admit that i am pretty linear and don't understand why it's so hard to follow the rules (as long as they're rules that make sense to me). i think that if policies make sense they should be followed (and if they don't they should be changed). i try to offer solutions and not just complain. i am accepting that change is just too much to expect sometimes.

it's a coop art gallery, not world peace. there is a place between not giving a shit and being a nazi that i need to find. just as the board member hasn't given me the benefit of a doubt or tried to see my side i probably haven't done that for the members that make me crazy. and isn't it wonderful to know that we can still learn things after 50? in my case for a long time to come.....

there are so many ways that art has enriched my life. not all easy, but all good.

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Barb said...

I see that deux disappeared - I still love the pears (they look so 3 dimensional). Politics, politics - even in art!