Thursday, February 16, 2012

public art application

the city of boise has a strong public art program.  a percent for the arts ordinance was passed 10 years ago that has benefited citizens and local artists. i am fortunate to have a piece in the city's digital art collection.

the city embarked on a traffic box program several years ago that has been noticed as far away as athens (georgia).

i finally got it together enough to submit art for the program. the requirements are 10 pieces of art, a resume & letter of interest. the art for the traffic box itself is commissioned based on the samples supplied. artists are given a template to create to, but the city takes care of having the wrap made and installation. sweet deal.

the deadline was 4 pm today and i thought i had plenty of time a month ago. ha! so last night i was updating the resume, writing a letter and deciding what pics to send in. i always assume that any submission requiring a number of pieces is looking for consistency in a body of work. i had a hell of a time deciding which 10 images to use.

started with 4 paintings, 3 mixed media of one sort and 3 of another. but as i was writing the letter of interest i realized that the traffic boxes that i like best are colorful and interesting, so the 10 pieces below are the ones i chose to submit.

wish me luck! there were 50 applications for 16 or so spaces. glad i used the good resume paper and googled how to write a letter of interest. fingers crossed- i happen to know that there's stiff competition :)

looking forward to weekend studio time- i need 32 linear inches for the march hanging a week from sunday- ack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Good luck Marianne! I love the pieces you submitted - good selection and variety of styles. And what a great idea this is!

Barb said...

I don't remember those first two or the last two - all are so intricate and colorful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.