Friday, February 3, 2012

new studio art

we did the altoids tinstallation at the gallery in january and it was good. we had lots of new people through, continued to chip away at the "old lady gallery" perception & raised money for ourselves, boise open studios & treasure valley institute for children's arts.

and i got art from my friends for the studio. i want to have art from all of the friends who inspire me or who i enjoy creating with in my studio. it's a challenge, because the space isn't big, so the tins were a perfect answer. yay!

this is lynn fraley's if wishes were horses- which i have been known to say/think..... horse is a spirit animal for me, and i just like horses a helluva alot (as i do lynn, and as she does horses). her piece is by the ipod because we share a love for music and enjoy sharing that with each other.

nancy panganiban's rhinestone rex. i've known nancy since i started taking art classes. her work is generally large and beautiful- too large and too beautiful for the studio (true of lynn & sue as well). rr is a perfect example of her wonderful sensibility

sue rooke's owl. sue makes amazing ceramics. she lives near me and joins us for wine and laughs and art talk, because her art isn't transportable. sue and lynn are gifts from my involvement with boise open studios.

lastly, rexanne, by kay seurat. the tinstallation was kay's brainchild. she is an art source member and makes the most amazing, fabulous and fun jewelry-

i got to spend a little time in the studio tonight. i've missed it so much! hopefully a little more this weekend- there are a few things i'm working on- stay tuned!


becky said...

I was actually thinking of you yesterday- I was throwing away an Altoids tin & thinking, hmmm... I should save it & make something! (or start saving them & send them to you.) Such a fun idea. Well, catching up here, it looks like you have been busy! Love the heart mixed media pieces below. Hope you are well!

Barb said...

All so unique and creative! The concept of using the tins is fun.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a week you had before posting this! This is a lovely collection of art from your friends. I love 'Rexanne', with the T Rex as the foil for Kay's jewellery! Hope your week is a little more relaxed for a while!