Sunday, February 19, 2012

in the works

here's what i've been working on- i needed 32 more inches of new art before next sunday's hanging and was a bit nervous. and of course my epson r2400 (which is the font of most transfers) quit printing, so i spent time figuring out why (cable pooped out). sometimes being under the gun is inspiring, sometimes it's a scary dry hole. i was afraid i was looking at the latter but i seem to be making progress.

this was all about the number 2, but i couldn't figure out an appropriate focal point until pears popped in my head. it needs more, but is at least close. process in another post, but suffice it to say that plan a didn't work so well..... now i just have to decide if i'm ok with floating pears (maybe) & what to do about the upper right corner.....

loved the background on this and couldn't figure out where to go, even though it clearly wasn't done. so i tried some transparencies over it to see what sort of transfer might work. the photo of a stilt in flight  (s/b horizontal to the ground) was taken by me at camas marsh a few years ago. and for some reason ends up in this hummingbird-like pose in my art. but it works for me! this is close to done.

i wonder how cheesy people think the shells on this one are, but i don't care. i just got back from the ocean and expect more palm trees and turquoise and pink and shells to emerge. and pelicans. deal with it.

marketing meeting tomorrow night- we'll see what bright ideas we can come up with- and studio night again on tuesday- yay! been too long! more art soon!


Barb said...

I'm jiving to Willie's Whiskey River as I write this. I like the tongue-in-cheek pair of pears. The bird looks like its piercing the sun. (I'm dealing with the shells...) Keep arting!

Judy Wood said...

Think about shadows for the pears-----