Tuesday, February 28, 2012

back in the studio!

so good to be back in the studio! just lynn & me tonight, and it was nice to catch up with her & hear about the workshop she attended in scottsdale. lynn is a wonderful sculptor, specializing in horses- see her work here . the class she took was a whole different way of seeing and working for her and it was great listening her talk about her reaction to that, and what she took from it.

in this shot she's using what she learned to work out some problems with a sculpture she's not happy with. i am learning so much from my friends who do 3d. although it scares me, there are many of the same principles and thought processes and we work through problems similarly. making me less scared to give it a shot sometime maybe! :)

i was having a hard time focusing & getting on track, so i worked on backgrounds. always good to have plenty of things started! they'll tell me what they want.

i was excited to finish this & mail it off today. it's a gift for the woman we stayed with on our vacation. i hope she likes it. we saw pink birds flying across the sky ( after only 1 rum drink :)) and got varying thoughts back on whether they could be flamingos or spoonbills. i think spoonbills, based on the bird book shot below. we also saw lots of palm trees and pelicans and turquoise water.... makes me want to go back!

hasta! happy wednesday!


Barb said...

What a fabulous hostess gift! I like the two backgrounds you're starting. Can't wait to see how they transform.

marianne said...

thanks barb! i sure hope she likes it! and i'm interested in seeing where they go too :) bc you never know what's going to happen!