Saturday, January 21, 2012

welcome to my house of hearts

wow- was the last post really wednesday? i got some studio time in on thursday, but starts of things and odds & ends, nothing to really talk about. went to dinner & a vaudeville/burlesque show with friends last night (fun!) and to see haywire tonight (loved it! good action flick, love seeing a strong kick ass female lead).

i am working on various things & hope to have some to post tomorrow, but thought i would gather the gallery of hearts that has accumulated over the past month-

ode to joy, 6x6 mixed media

duet, 10x10 mixed media

beautiful, 6x6 mixed media

guarded, 6x6 mixed media

simple gifts, 8x8 mixed media

heart is a beating drum, 6x6 mixed media

love somebody, 8x8 mixed media

nobody knows, 8x8 mixed media

funny how these things go. last year, i was struggling with my valentine for aids donation, this year i have hearts galore. hoping i don't still have all of them in march!

mas manana-


Barb said...

Still, the barbed wire is my favorite. Also like nobody knows (interesting interaction and color).

Gabrielle said...

These are wonderful! My faves are heart is a beating drum, beautiful and guarded.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

There's something for everyone here, Marianne. My favourites are Ode to Joy (which I commented on when you first completed it), Guarded and Heart is a Beating Drum. I hope you have success in the sale room over the next week or so.