Tuesday, January 3, 2012


full house tonight- pam, nancy, lynn & sue came over. so good to see everyone and catch up. sue & lynn had a conversation about kilns and firing that was like listening to a foreign language, and fascinating. there's so much to learn about!

as i was listening to talk about very exacting processes that are impacted by all sorts of things that can lead to disaster i was slopping paper & medium on canvas.

working on valentine-y things, both for the valentines for aids show (my goal is to beat the $25 my piece raised last year- and that was only because my neighbor took pity on me & bid on it). this is 6x6.

ready for me to decide what image goes on top. probably a heart vase & flowers. maybe more kidfetti.

i think that this is 10x10. this song is called duet. most likely another heart vase- probably a series of them, tho ode to joy might get a fireworks heart instead..... hmmmm

this is a 6x6 that i played with and had it go horribly wrong. the problem being that the paint is oil, so the only thing i can put on it is more oil and i don't see a way to paint myself out of this. but since the hawk is the guardian and messenger she is a good valentine's bird

so i am using the other side of the canvas. not sure where this is going, but the small canvas fits neatly in the hole

and there will probably be needlepoint on the screen.... it has possibilities

saw this as i was walking out of the studio, begging to have a photo taken. need to work on the lighting, tho-

and this is sort of done. wondering if i need to add leaves and whether the flowers need more definition. the stems are tar gel & not as thin as i would have liked, but live & learn. the concept i had is here and lynn could tell that they're tulips, so i'm good! :)

we hung the altoids show yesterday & it looks great! we've sold 14 tins already (mostly to the peeps hanging the show). opening is thursday, so will post then.

tough getting back to work today, but i am sure all will return to normal soon!

happy 2012! may your year be filled with creativity and magic and laughter-


Lynn A. Fraley said...

Such a fun evening Marianne, thanks for the invite! I love watching you work on this pieces, switching between them, playing with different materials -- it always inspires me to break some boundaries in my own art!

Barb said...

So much started early in 2012 - your creativity is flowing! Good Luck on the show.