Sunday, January 8, 2012

sunday sunday

started the day with another long hike- beautiful morning! this trail had snow on it last year at this time. this year the willow along the creek are already budding out- kind of scary-

came home & watched football. this is what i was doing during the bronco game to stay calm. these fabric sharpies are fun! the shoes were $13 at target. i have more to do next week, since the donks squeezed thru to the next round.

and a brief studio visit. working on several ideas for the valentines for aids fundraiser- do you like this-

this (blurry photo, sorry, says i love you in the lower left corner) 
or this?

what doesn't make it to the fundraiser may make it to the gallery. i loved doing needlepoint on the screen and want to play with that some more.

feedback welcome-

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Barb said...

You need to go into the shoe business! I think you should enter them as art at the gallery. Yes, it was a nail biter - why do they always need overtime?