Thursday, January 12, 2012

polaroid gl 10 play

where i think this will work best is pairing my retro camera and fx camera apps with the printer, then scanning the photos to blow up & use as transfers, etc or using as is in collage. benefit there being the water resistant coating. kinda want a pogo too now, for smaller, sticky back prints.

tonight's crop of prints. notice the different borders, which are available to choose from in the printer's menu. the writing is with the woodburning tool that i had the foresight to purchase months ago :)

there's one you tube video of guys manipulating zink photo paper. yep, one. they do a transfer technique by soaking the print for 30-40 mins than carefully peeling off the top layer. sure they do. i soaked for 30 mins and everything got all crumbly and just sloughed off. front and back. will try soaking one longer to see if that makes a difference.  the post soak print is below-

i also fiddled with some more valentines ideas. i think i need some rusty barbed wire.

there will be studio time this weekend- more later-

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Barb said...

Only you would think of barbed wire in relation to hearts! That's thinking outside the box. I love the multi-lights one. Very abstract and makes me want to "make sense" of it.