Tuesday, January 17, 2012

on drawing, and the value of spending time with other artists (even for the antisocial)

last tuesday in the studio for 3 weeks-ack! sometimes it just works out that way. lynn, nancy & sue were able to come tonight.

this is lynn, sculpting this incredible horse relief without a reference document and explaining to us that she can't draw. you see, she can do this in clay but doesn't think that she can do the same with pencil & paper.

which, of course, led to the discussion about "being able to draw". sue is also a sculptor and she admitted to not being too interested in drawing. i have to admit same- seems like a good skill to have, and there are times i curse myself for not developing it (like when i am halfway through- or even finished with- a piece & i realize i have made a major, unplanned, error in perspective or when i want to dash something off, but instead have to grid it out or figure out how to trace it) but clearly i don't wish it badly enough to make it so.

i have sketch pads and pencils and books on drawing. i haul stuff to sketch with with me when i travel. the most i ever do is doodle. i am much more likely to take 9 million photos and mess with them in the photoshop app than to draw something. but it seems like something i should do. we are told that drawing is the foundation of art. not being "able to" draw then makes it seem like i am not a "real" artist.

only i draw with paint. just like lynn draws in clay. nancy said she can't draw, but i have seen her do beautiful work that's creative in a way that's amazing. it's funny how we measure ourselves and see our (perceived) limitations more clearly than our strengths. and that is one of the wonderful things about creating with my friends- now i know that i'm not the only one who "can't draw"- more than that, i know that i'm not the only one who really isn't that interested in drawing but feels like i "should" be. so maybe i can free myself to add some drawing attempts to the doodles, no pressure.


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Barb said...

Wow - that pops! Anything but "quiet" - which I the word I see just above the staff. Glad you're back in the studio, drawing or not.