Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nobody knows

i started this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2011 (well, like the 27th) and then it sat.

then i got the cool little printer and went on a printing rampage. the heart is from a meat tray cut out stencil. i ended up using the cut out part as a stamp. the styro provides interesting texture and takes color unevenly (nice!). i saw the heart sitting on a white paper plate (bonus random event) and took a few photos with my phone. printed this one out with the black grunge border option, used the wood burning tool to add the x's and o's and cut to fit-

don't ask me to explain why the bluebird came in, but she did

decided that the background needed to go farther back, misted and washed some liquid cerulean blue on, leaving the figure. i sponged paint off of the bird too so she wouldn't melt into the background. good at this point, but needing just a bit more.

and here's the (for now) finished product. what's really funny is that we are having a women themed art exhibit at the gallery in march and this will fit right in.

8x8 mixed media, nobody knows

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