Friday, January 6, 2012

new toy!

as is my practice when i'm stuck i ordered some new books. one of which was the creative photographer by catherine anderson. although she gets a little squishy touchy feely for me i liked the book overall. some good creative jump starts & new ways of seeing ( or ways to remember to see).

there was one line about the new polaroid instant printers that caught my eye. so i googled. and became more intrigued. i am now the proud owner of a gl10. which lady gaga has something to do with, so you know it's cool.

the printer uses zink paper, which is heat activated. no ink. the heat activation part allows for all sorts of manipulation opportunities. :)

prints photos from my phone via bluetooth (way cool!).

and here's one of them. i use retro camera and fx camera apps to get different effects and the printer does a very nice job of translating those. the paper is 3x4-

i haven't had time to experiment much, but this paper has been sanded & had acetone applied-

and here is the same photo on the manipulated paper-

straight print-

manipulated print-

there are transfer opportunities and all sorts of other things to try. i think i bought a cheap wood burning tool kit from the science surplus catalog that i need to dig out.......

and i have all weekend to do it! :)


Pam McKnight said...

wow, these are great and you have barely started, I am excited for you!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Looks good, and I really like what you've been doing as a result of it.