Saturday, January 14, 2012

more hearts & flowers & GL10 play-

some photoshop play to print on the gl10- nat geo/citrasolve backgrounds and images layered on top. another idea from the creative photographer by catherine anderson

i have amassed a fair amount of 3x4 prints and have been playing with various things & looking forward to incorporating them into collage. the first shot shows a successful peeling off of the top layer (the pink palm at bottom) and the remains of a photo that i soaked but had the top layer just crumble off (the blue photo)

here's one that i cut and glued down- it glued nicely, even though the paper is a bit stiff and thick. a layer of matte gel over the photo didn't affect the color or image at all, which is great.

and where it sits now-

and lastly- i coated the heart photo here in gac 800, which did alter the color by giving it a pinkish tint. it also provided a plastic-y top layer.

 where this one sits now-

lastly, i was looking for some rusty barbed wire and my husband came through- this is called guarded. needs to have the wire attached, but this is pretty much it-

and this one is done. i keep trying different things and coming back to this-

now the only question is which one of the last 2 to take to valentines for aids. my goal is to break the $25 sales price my piece got last year ( from my neighbor no less). which do you like better?

since the broncos were so stinky i got plenty of studio time in this evening- gave up at halftime. more studio time tomorrow- nice to have the luxury of getting ahead for february, especially since travel starts up again the week after next.

more tomorrow-

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Barb said...

Take the barbed wire one - so evocative! You're starting the new year with trees - I like the first 3, esp the first 2. In fact, I'm really liking the second.