Saturday, January 7, 2012

lovely 2 1/2 hour hike with margie & the dogs this morning. it was beautiful as you can see.

came home, napped a bit, went to play with the printer & noticed that there's a bit of a problem in the form of lines in the print. started as one, became 2. hopefully not something i did. i guess we'll find out. otherwise, though, i love this! i got the woodburning tool out too, and it gets a bit hot for the paper, but is useful in making marks (see the xxx ooo on the heart). 

so when i gave up on that, i went back to canvasses. i added leaves and then the flowers looked thin. the green is clear tar gel & i expected more of a thin, string effect. maybe it was operator error that made that not happen. anyway- the flowers needed texture too, so i mixed paint with high solid gel, gloss & added it. i think this is kind of fun-

this is ode to joy- 6x6 mixed media, featuring kidfetti (that would be the confetti i was picking up from the floor as we were leaving the kid rock show)

more studio time tomorrow, after a hike in the morning. working on the valentine for aids piece and some other things.



Barb said...

Busy lady - you deserved a nap! Lots of art happening there. I love that tree photo!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Ode to Joy - love it! Does exactly what it says on the packet!