Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year!

red, red i love red! i worked my way up the list for Valentines for AIDS and was invited to participate last year, so it looks like i'm in until i decide i'm not. so i'm thinking about valentines and that means red & pink.

i have an idea to use a reversed 6x6 canvas (they request small pieces bc the venue is so jammed), screen & needlepoint yarn. we'll see. early days ( i have til jan 28th)

in keeping with the valentines theme (but possibly the i'm going to key west in a month theme) more reds and pinks

and some spring-y (or tropical) greens and blues

this is kind of fun because the oblong pieces of paper are kidfetti- confetti i scooped up from the floor at the kid rock concert (yes, my friend asked me wtf?).

i am liking the ode to joy & fun of the confetti and alcohol splotches. it'll be fun to see where this one goes.

we hung the altoids tinstallation today at the gallery and there is some amazing art (i am the proud owner of the t rex blue dahlia tin), stay tuned for more on this.

happy 2012! may it be the best year ever!

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