Wednesday, January 11, 2012

another studio night

with lynn

and leslie

and pam (sorry pam! i'd have taken another photo if i'd noticed your eyes were closed!)

i sold 2 pieces yesterday- one at the airport and one downtown, so i needed to replace them. i sent the hawk to the airport. the one i sold downtown was the fox i painted a few months ago, which was 12x12 so i needed a large-ish piece to fill.

i have been working on hearts in anticipation of valentine's day. i looked for sheet music that fit the theme. this is titled simply "duet"-

i added more layers, including a wash of red paint, then a watered down wash of titan buff to soften the background. the stems are tar gel with green added and a color shaper used to get a thin, even line. the flowers are paper, the centers that annoying dry paint that collects around caps & lids.

i painted the heart, found it boring, stamped into it with a cork and then added another layer of color. and here is the finished product- titled duet- 10x10 mixed media-

i have a few more things started and hope to get to them this weekend. i also plan to video the altoids tinstallation & share that (there are some incredible tins- you can see some of them here ).

and amazon was wonderful about letting me return the first printer (no questions, sent UPS to pick it up & a label with the UPS guy- couldn't be easier), so i had another delivered (next day delivery $3.99 with amazon prime), so there will be more experiments coming up there, including transfers.

yep, less stuck- finally! great way to start 2012!

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

Happy New Year Marianne. Love your Duets piece and very pleased to hear you are feeling creative and getting the sales.