Sunday, January 15, 2012

and still more hearts :)

finished the 2 in the running for the valentines for aids donation. both are 6x6, the first titled beautiful (there are mirrors behind the mesh, so you can see yourself if you look inside)

this is titled guarded (it has a hawk on the back of the piece, and the hawk is a guardian). this is the one going to the show (thanks for the feedback barb). it will likely appeal more to the audience there.

after sleeping in and a nice long walk i was able to spend most of the day in the studio again. here's the journey of simple gifts. i painted the light modeling paste flowers pink and applied a layer of matte gel medium to seal things. wanted another layer & some smaller things to add in next.

so i got out the stamps, which i haven't used in ages, and took a look.

using stayz on ink, i stamped several choices onto napkin bits that were left over, hoping that the thin tissue would disappear into the back ground.

ended up selecting the bee because the size is right and i could repeat in several places. as is my practice, i read up on the symbolism of bee and found:

"The bee is symbolic of the Empress and feminine energy. Bees are often considered a symbol of the Goddess or Divine Feminine because they are ruled by queens. In particular, they are associated with the goddess Venus because part of their labor is the indirect fertilization of flowers, all of which come under the dominion of Venus. Without bees, many species of flowers would die out, and so the bee may justly be considered a handmaiden of that goddess. There is a Greek tradition, too, of the Nine Muses, the divine patronesses or music and poetry, taking on the form of bees. This comports well with the rulership of Venus over the arts. The bee is also a symbol for wisdom, as it collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into honey, which is the gold of bees." - yahoo answers

which works for me, especially in the context of hearts and flowers and gifts.

when i started applying the bees with gel medium i realized that the paper wasn't going to disappear as hoped, so i stamped the center bee on the piece. i also added the raven- along with the skull a symbol of creation.

i went back & did some blending and added and subtracted paint til i arrived at this:

simple gifts, 8x8 mixed media-

this is the other one i worked on today. i actually don't think it needs a whole lot more other than maybe something in the upper left hand corner. will leave it around the house to look at and see if anything occurs to me. 

gallery member meeting tomorrow night (oh joy!). be back after studio night on tuesday-


Pam McKnight said...

I agree with Barb. I also like what you have done with "simple gifts" it has really evolved!

Barb said...

So much in that last - I enlarged it to better see. I still really like the barbed wire. Who knew all that about bees - so interesting. Finally snowing here (maybe 3" so far).