Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


it's been crazy at work, but i did manage to have some fun and make some art.
we went to the sun valley lodge on friday for the early season ski deal which involves a stay in the hotel and a lift ticket. even if the snow isn't so good the heated outdoor pool is :)
and sun valley serenade is on continuous loop in the rooms. this year, the snow was good too- a good time was had by all.
remember the photo that got such a good response on facebook? i printed it out on canvas when i was trying out my new printer. the work in progress below includes that canvas. the meadowlark is a transfer. i worked on it a bit more tonight in the studio- tho this image got such a great response on my facebook page i was kind of scared to do much with it. luckily i had lynn & sue agreeing that it could use more work- more to come on that.

another hawk image from the photos i screwed up by blowing the background out. i was happy with the background & the transfer but a bit bothered by the cluster of large spatters on the left that aren't balanced by anything on the right. i am also generally happy with the worn look of transfers, but i don't love the big light splotch bottom right-

so, after a bit more work, here is beautiful is the earth, 8x8 mixed media on canvas-

they are probably pretty subtle changes, but i like it much better now.
another bird of prey- another swainson's hawk in fact- this one on a fence in fairfield. she's a packing tape transfer. this one came together tonight- moonrise, 6x6 mixed media on canvas.

merry christmas! here's to a fun holiday spent doing what makes you happy- be it spending time with friends, family, in your studio- whatever..... stay inspired-

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 weeks later....

i suck! i have been taking photos as i've been working but now it's 11 pm and i have another hell day ahead of me and i am not going to process and share them. so, another time. sooner than in 2 weeks. i don't know where the time goes- does this mean i am getting old?
we had the 10th anniversary of gypsy gallery on first thursday, dec 6- you can read about it here. it is pretty amazing that this pop up gallery that linda and i started 10 years ago is still going strong. it is so much fun doing the shows too- i don't ever sell much, but the opportunity to talk to people and see how they react to my art is great. as is the chance to catch up with the other gypsies. here's our facebook page, if you want to know more.
snow in the mountains up high, none in town yet- this is from our walk on sunday-
i bought a new epson printer, and started playing with printing on cloth. i had so much fun that i went to joann & bought a bunch of remnants ( on sale, even). found a great technique using a full size sheet address sticker, which any thin cloth can be stuck to & run through the printer. the image below is one example-
i sprayed with a spray varnish, the got out the sewing machine (which hasn't seen the light of day in easily 15 years) and started playing. and i like the texture. this could be fun :)
detail of snowfall, mixed media on board, 12x12

i am also still in birds of prey mode. originally, this background had the words falcon and falconry on the encyclopedia page. unfortunately i mucked up the first transfer and in scraping my mistake off the page i also pulled up half of the background (note to self, getting in a hurry is seldom helpful with mixed media- unless you are looking for a "happy surprise").
so i painted over the spots where it was down to bare canvas (never acceptable) and went for round 2, below, which worked out great-
choice, 8x8 mixed media on canvas
another extension of the new printer- this started with a print of the birds on canvas. i colored them yellow with markers ( it doesn't sound very art-y, but that's what i did) and hit it with spray var. then i sewed around the birds with hot pink thread. no. then i did a really fun macrame thing with needlepoint thread. no. then i used the texture built up by those failed experiments to provide the base for the framework that now surrounds the image. better.
i do have, and will post, process on some of these, but wanted to get something up.
had a wonderful studio night tonight and am, as always, so grateful for my creative space & the women who share it with me-

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

here's what i've been doing the past 2 weeks-

 2 weeks since the last post- luckily there is some new art to show!
the center of this is a laserjet transfer to glass bead gel medium. the image was mounted on canvas with soft gel medium, which has enough body for me to make the marks that follow the twigs out of the image.i love rose hips in the winter and like the frosty feel of this one.
did a bit more to this one, like it better now. the nest is a laserjet transfer to some sort of lumpy medium with reflective pieces in it. the bird on the fence post is a packing tape transfer. a fun and easy method that bears more experimentation-

bird on a wire- another packing tape transfer-

this guy was printed on fabric (muslin) fed through a laserjet on a full sheet sized packing label. the print is great. since it is a heat set laser print it is possible to use gel medium without smearing the ink. i mounted it on a canvas. i'm really looking forward to playing with this more and adding texture via stitching.

lastly, falcon detail. i painted over with clear gesso and brightened up the beak and eye with colored pencil. which i like. i need to look at it for a while to decide if the background is finished.

great thanksgiving visit with mom & dad- so nice that they could come out, and to be able to take time off work to spend with them. great food with family & friends on turkey day (and beyond!) so much to be thankful for. including getting back in the studio!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

yikes! another artless week-

i am still dragging along in the art creating area..... haven't even been so good at photos lately. i do a daily photo on my great wide open art facebook page, and at a loss the other day i found the one below, threw a few filters on it & posted- it is now one of the more highly rated (ie "liked" images) that i have ever posted, with more viral than organic views. ok. huh. it clearly connects. which is good- that's the goal, it's just that this one took me a bit by surprise. which is a great thing about making art :)
back in the studio tonight (finally! haven't been there since last tuesday- which is why studio night is so important) with pam & nancy.

mixed media play- this is a packing tape transfer- love how clear the image is (laser print, packing tape, burnish the image on to the tape, soak the tape and rub the paper off). this is a double width of tape. 6x6 canvas

this is an 8x8 canvas. the transfer in this case is a laser print onto some sort of flake medium. i didn't love the result, but i wanted to use it anyway. the blackbird is another packing tape transfer. this one may be nearly done.

and the falcon... who i also think may be done. this is one where i feel like it needs something more, but i think that maybe i need to know when to stop too. the detail i put up on facebook got such great response that maybe i should just call it done. what do you think?

i will probably miss next week- mom & dad get here on tuesday for thanksgiving, so no studio night, and probably not much art in general- just nice time together.
see ya in a few weeks-

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

last week

we're having a beautiful indian summer here and i was finally able to get out and capture some color this weekend-

as well as some dog photos- my buddy echo





i loved the movement of these leaves and their glowiness (if it isn't a word it should be :) ). the twigs in the background add interest & reinforce the movement. the boken adds a nice contrast to the angularity of the image.

birds of prey. i need to get back to the red tailed hawk. haven't had the oils out for a month. the peregrine falcon is an image transfer of a photo i took at birds of prey in early october.

below is a detail of the image. the transfer was pretty clear. i added a coat of clear gesso over the image and then used colored pencil to fill in where i thought that the misses were really distracting.

the original background was white, because i wanted the transfer color to be good, so now i'm working back into the background. be fun to see where it takes me.

below are a couple of finished 6x6 pieces using laser print image transfers- the first to glass bead gel

the second to fiber paste-

lastly, round 2 of the marker/paint small canvasses

i sold 3 of these in october- small pieces in the print bin for $30- $35, seems like a good thing to keep doing. and they start with doodles, which is a good thing for me to do.
that's it for today. i spent election eve in the studio with lynn, drinking wine, making art. laughing & listening to music. we were pleasantly surprised when we decided to rejoin reality :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

photos, class & transfers

last sunday was hanging day at the gallery. and i was WAY short on new work so it seemed like the perfect time to make my photo debut. the epson printer and the computer are not talking re color (and i don't know how to fix it, which is annoying, but that's another story), so i am limited to the hp photosmart for now. which means no bigger than 8x10.
you know me & my fondness for "itsy bitsy teeny tiny" artwork- i opted for some 4x4 images. the 2 below are floated in black 10.5x10.5 frames- i like the effect. i actually framed 3 retro cam phone photos. be interesting to see how they're received. i figure it isn't much different from polaroid or photoshop manipulation- you still need to have something that captures interest or no gimmick in the world works.

taught my last (of 3) class at wingtip press on monday. sad to be done- it was so much fun! i got stretched on this one, got to learn, which is really fun-
below, student artwork drying in the print racks-

this group was great- they'd say "what do i do now?" and i'd say something like" what do you think about painting over everything you just did with white paint and then sanding it off?". and we're off to the races...... wish i had a before shot of these- you'd be surprised that she let me talk her into doing more on them!
and another- before i said "what if....?" (it looks good here- you should see it after sanding and glazing- even better!)

the class was great, because they were game to try stuff, even when neither of us were quite sure how it was going to go. but that's how i work anyway, and it's part of the beauty of mixed media. so nice to have folks willing to take the risk and understand that the journey is as important as what's at the end. can't wait to do it again & see what else i can learn!
and tonight- studio night! where lynn and i proved that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine and shared with sue.
there was a lot of interest in transfers in the class. because they're cool. i've gotten lazy about doing easy apollo transparency transfers- no rubbing the skin off your fingers, less chance of rubbling too hard and losing sections- but there is nothing like the crispness of a good laser print transfer. so i decided to give it a shot with this image of a peregrine falcon. it's actually coming along pretty well ( laser print to golden soft gel matte medium, started rubbing off while damp). there are a few spots i rubbed too hard & pulled up paper, and i will have to dampen to remove the rest, but it's a good start.

these are 2 transfers i did to demo in class- the nest on fiber paste & the raven on glass bead gel. both started with laser prints ( i bought a floor model 4 color laser printer at office depot a few years ago for a screaming good price and have been delighted ever since- it SO beats going to kinkos for copies). both on 6x6 canvasses- the nest set in matte get medium and the raven in glass bead gel-

marker doodles on canvas-

because 3 of these (and one not shown) have sold out of the print bins in the last 2 months. i think i'll keep making them-
lastly, my friend the red tailed hawk patiently waiting for some attention- she's in oil, so i will want some time to work on her- looking forward to it!

it's really nice to be physically making art again. i knew all summer when i wasn't getting my hands dirty that it would inform something down the line, and it has and will continue to, but damn, it's nice to have paint on my hands again :)
have a great week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

it's fall!

fall is my favorite season, and i have completely missed the aspen turning this year. two weekends ago was open studios and last thursday i had sinus lift and bone graft (which will lead, in 6 months or so, to dental implants. And after those are done, more work. All I can say is floss!). this is me tonight, 5 days after surgery- the swelling has come down considerably & i am getting colorful.
while i was sleeping away the weekend, i had good company- tinkerbell

and molly moo. all 3 of us in a full sized daybed.

i was sufficiently recovered by monday for round 2 of marianne's mixed media mash up. my face didn't scare anyone away. i am really enjoying teaching. i like to take workshops because i always learn something, even if the class isn't on a technique that i think i would use regularly. i find teaching to be the same sort of rewarding experience.

as phil collins said “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 

we have a great group of students, and a wonderful space to hold the class. i love getting questions that i don't know how to answer because that helps me learn. the last class i taught was about half this size and made up of people who were comfortable calling themselves artists. this class is stretching me because there are students who are looking for more input. which is scary, because this is someone's artwork we're talking about. and i love it. the students seem to be having fun, too, which is so important. mixed media is about play, and helping someone relax and just play without being so focused on the end result is fun.
i had one woman tell me that i was so patient. the first time EVER that has been said about me- my husband is still laughing :)
saw a new "foolproof" transfer technique on the golden youtube channel (if you don't know about the golden youtube channel, check it out) so i thought i'd try it. involves using gac 500 or another runny medium and a laser print. of course i stupidly tried it on a dark background- you'd think i'd know better by now- and it didn't turn out so well. the method has promise, though. i need to be more liberal with the medium, but will keep trying.

after that didn't work, i reprinted the raven and used the laserprint instead. i think that this is mostly done, tho i may try a few starlike things (likely spatters) off to the left. i need a title- wish nevermore wasn't always the first thing that comes to mind with ravens! i've read enough that i should have some other point of reference!

this still a work in progress- another failed transfer saved by the laser print. still needs something.

and the dancing crane is finally coming together. been waiting for her to tell me what she wants for a few months, i am so pleased to be getting there- and happy with where we're going.

nice studio night tonight- lynn, sue, jaki & nancy. one good thing about travel budget freeze at work is more tuesdays. i count myself lucky to know some wonderful women, and even luckier to spend time with them creating on a regular basis.
life is good. cheers!