Thursday, June 30, 2011

more garden shots

but first- the mystery of magic- thanks for the help- i think she's ready to go out into the world.....

since tuesday not much studio time, so you get more garden photos :) 

it was such a wet spring that things are just lush- much more so than usual (that and the fact that we now have a watering system besides me & a hose, giving the plants a much better chance at getting adequate water).

this time of year i am always afraid that nothing will be blooming in august and september. i have been wrong about that so far, but it doesn't stop me worrying. this looks a little overgrown...

looking forward to a long 4th of july weekend- i have tuesday off too, so hope to get into the studio & jump start august's new work. expect a few more photo interludes too....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

much better

another great tuesday night in the studio with nancy and pam- yay! it often helps me to talk and just work and not THINK about what i'm doing. you may recall the difficult owl, below. many thanks to anne and judy for providing input when i asked for it in my last post.

having decided that more layers and more stuff in general was the answer (a view supported by anne & judy's comments) i started adding stuff (collage elements).

and glazing and spattering and stenciling

and i am actually happy with the result! i need a better photo and i may still want to tone down the lower left corner (tho pam & nancy both said no), but mostly i like it.

happy tuesday! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

can this painting be saved?

finally into the studio yesterday- it was great. i went back to work on the owl. you may recall that the eyes were messed up & had to be redone.

so i did that and then added the moon.

better, but still bugging me. i want the spirit of the owl, not a perfect replica, but this is too cartoon-y or something for me.

so i decided to make it clear that i wasn't just happy with a less than perfect painting and decided to spatter. owl and frame (separately). and i like it better. the whole owl thing is about mystery and magic, and this is closer to that idea. the key is for wisdom.

i did do a layer of ultramarine & spritz some alcohol to blue up the sky some. it's close, but still lacking something. guess i'll hang it on the office tomorrow & see if anything jumps out at me. one friend likes it, one really doesn't. what do you think? i think somehow adding words or letters subtly in the background, or maybe a fleur de lis. hopefully something occurs to me soon! need to have it done by friday for next month's hanging.

today was more work in the yard- put a gazebo up over the hot tub with cute curtains. also got a bunch of picture frames out of the garage & into the studio. i was even smart enough to write down how many of what size i have. and my friend brought me a window air conditioner for the studio so i can preserve my art supplies. so nice of her & her husband to lend it to me!

and now to bed. studio time this week at night. hopefully the owl will tell me how she wants to be finished.

happy beginning of the week, all-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

ack! artless

 i have been very busy, but not art making busy. which i intend to rectify this weekend. it's planning, so that means long hours and mind mush when not working.

echo's acl blew out last week before i went to chicago, so he had surgery yesterday. involving plates & screws into the bone. should be back to normal in 2 months- i find that amazing. in the meantime he gets to wear the life preserver so he doesn't worry the wound. keeping him quiet now isn't an issue, but i suspect it'll get challenging. the good news is he was fixable :)

finished the back yard project. love it- what a nice place to hang out! first shot is of the focal point (as far as i'm concerned)- the studio

this is to the left of the hot tub across from the studio. yes i made the bird bath.

 looking at the studio from the bench in the alcove. garage (and husband) in the background.

side yard, once shady due to silver lace vine from hell, now sunny. the rose likes it better, but i had to move some heuchara. which gave me an excuse to buy something to take their place :)

here's what's blooming this week (some of it anyway)

studio this weekend- really- i miss it terribly! happy friday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

another photo interlude

still have not made it into the studio, but the yard is coming along nicely and almost done. had a lovely hike this morning and gave the camera a work out. it was lovely after last night's rain and the wildflowers are blooming up a storm- enjoy-

Friday, June 17, 2011

home again

busy week of travel- great trip to chicago- good for work, good to see friends i work with. studio time definitely in the future for this weekend, but in the meantime, some more photos from last weekend- these of the landscapes we passed through-

almost make me want to paint landscapes again :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

photo safari weekend

two friends and i went on photo safari this weekend. we headed up to fairfield in search of cranes

and fields of camas

 and found those and lots of other great stuff. it has been a wet spring and the flowers are just incredible.

bouquets everywhere you looked

this is just the beginning! i am headed to chicago tomorrow, so it will be a while before i can got through and post more, but i have some wonderful landscapes, more flowers and of course birds to share. it was a great weekend- we traveled well together, fed each other's creativity, ate great food and took lots of wonderful photos. i already have mixed media ideas for some of what i shot- and maybe even a painting or two!

have a good week all- sorry i've been awol- not only here, but from visiting and commenting on other blogs too. been busy- hopefully trending back to normal soon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

who are you?

i have been busy lately- mostly getting myself ready for art & roses, an annual local original art show that is held the first sunday in june. a percentage of the proceeds benefits the rose garden in the park where it's held.

i have always done the show with a friend- for the past 4 or so years it's been kristy. we both pay the fee, but set up our tents back to back and bring food and drink and have a fun day. last year we both sold well. this year not so much, but it was a beautiful day & fun to catch up.

have been working on the animal series. next is the owl. i was lucky enough to get a photo of a great horned owl a few years ago. like so many of my shots the photo isn't great, but it will work for a reference. i had to draw the owl big enough for the canvas.

then traced from the drawing with light colored pastel. i find this easier than trying to draw on the textured surface of the canvas (and less scary than drawing right on the final piece).

i was nervous about getting the barring, but glopped on the titan glaze & created the texture below i felt more comfortable.

she then hung around the house for a while and i realized that the right side of the face is too small and the circle around the eye too tight.

so i fixed that tonight, only to then realize that even tho i used a stencil the eyes aren't the same size, so back to the drawing board on that too (gotta love being able to paint over things).

all in all, though, she's coming along well. will probably end up with a moon in the background, maybe with text on it... still thinking about that one.

have a lovely week! hope to be back soon- i need to finish a few things before we hang the gallery again on the 26th and will be in chicago all next week. busy! i do have a photo safari scheduled next weekend with 2 friends, so that will be fun- stay tuned for more marsh shots!