Sunday, January 30, 2011

after the weekend

nice lazy day yesterday- had a hike in the desert, where it's sandy rather than muddy. nice change of scenery for all of us and the dogs, even if it was foggy.

there are houses made from lava rock along the river. people lived here during the depression- there was fish, and game and small areas could be cleared for a garden. probably brutally hot in the summer & cold in the winter, but there was food & shelter.

steve came with us too- survived the trip with 3 women & 5 dogs- brave man!

here are a few pieces that i started on friday. can't wait to see how this one works out-

liking this one so far too.

today was hanging day at the gallery. came home & went for some r & r on the couch.

back to the studio next week. have a great week all!

Friday, January 28, 2011

studio time!

yay! studio time...... i have lots of stuff ready for the gallery for once-

i can't quite figure out where to go with this. i started it in the class i taught at the beginning of the month and was thinking about adding a dragon, but now not so sure. i like the movement and the colors, maybe i need to think more about texture and shiny/matte first. hmmmm

these are 2 6x6 valentines. the first is called crazy

this is be mine

 one will go to the AIDS fundraiser that a local coffee shop does each year. which do you think will raise more money in a silent auction?

looking forward to a quiet weekend- hike tamale morning, quiet day after that, hanging at the gallery sunday am & then more r&r-

Thursday, January 27, 2011


here's phase 2 of the valentine for aids- the heart on the left was salvaged from the first attempt, the rest is new. i think that if i can make myself stop this one will work. be fun to see how the heart on the right is when the gel dries completely. i did bring it in the house so it can do just that.

what a couple of weeks it's been! studio tomorrow night and relaxing weekend ahead- and no airplanes for a while!

Monday, January 24, 2011

back to the drawing board

i gave up! it felt too messy, too forced and the more i did the worse it got (no surprise there). sometimes i thought the rose was ok, sometimes i hated it. the heart was supposed to be clear. the gel didn't set right. ICK!

on to a new home.....

then i realized that maybe i could salvage something- and i was curious- so i got out the exacto & pried the key out, then cut the heart off and peeled off parts for inclusion in future collages. notice that not much stuck to the nasty cheap canvas, not even paint.

i started a few more 6x6 canvasses. the valentine is due saturday, so i have time to finish another. i am kind of stuck on the "be my valentine" theme, so i'll try again. more to come on that.

this is the tree transfer i did last night. i like it, tho i was hoping that the caulk would dry clear so that the bottom layer was more visible. it isn't bad, but the glass bead gel doesn't show up as much as i would have hoped. oh well, live & learn!

marketing meeting for the gallery tomorrow night, work dinner wed night, husband time thursday night- back in the studio friday- tho i may try to sneak a little time in here & there on the valentine- like putting another heart stencil down &and bringing in the house to dry), that sort of thing.

good night!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

by the way, if you don't know grace potter & the nocturnals, get acquainted! saw her last night- great show-

studio time!

i was invited to participate in this year's valentine for aids fundraiser at a local independent coffee shop. i had been wanting to participate, but couldn't figure out how to do so. finally found out how to get on the waiting list (yes, there's a waiting list) last year.

i had an idea of what i wanted to do. unfortunately i started by using a BOGO canvas from craft warehouse. which isn't tightly stretched and, even after soaking it to tighten things up it still stretches out. so my plan of putting a layer of self leveling gel on top to add a glossy topping & make the top level with the modeling paste swirlies didn't work.

the canvas sagged, the gel separated and instead of a nice level finish i have a few crevasses to deal with. i even scraped & tried again with a support under the canvas & support on the sides to keep everything level. no dice. no more cheap canvasses for me!

the heart in the center should dry clear. the first shot, with heavy soft gel, did- there's self leveing gel on that  which is cloudy. i'm wondering if there's a way to salvage this. i am really annoyed. i think i may mix red into tar gel & float it over the divots. or see if self leveling gel will fill in. or maybe just toss it. grrr.

luckily, i also started this recently. called crazy. i can use it just as easily, but i liked the whole idea of the other one.

i also worked on this. the first shot is from a few days ago. i painted sienna around the outside and didn't like the outside for some reason. decided it was because the left side is relatively flat compared to the rest.

 so i put some light modeling paste on the side to build up the texture.

i like this lots better- maybe even "done" better. another piece that i'm curious whether the old guard at the gallery will ok for me to hang, b/c it is quite clearly based on a photo. this could be interesting!

and lastly, this one had a modeling paste fleur de lis on the left, but it really didn't work with the gate on the right (relic of the class i did). so, light modeling paste to the rescue (theme of the day). i slopped it on and then drew the tropical leaves in with a skewer. will paint over & blend into the other side somehow. mo bettah.

another crazy week ahead! gallery marketing meetin tuesday night, work people in wed night, gotta get on the ball for march gypsy and the next open studios meeting. sunday is hanging at the gallery (again! already!)

woo hoo. great week all-

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

on the road again

getting ready to head out for work again tomorrow, will be home late thursday. team meeting, will be busy, probably no posts. i am, however, taking the sketchbook, since the meeting is in florida i'll have lots of airplane time.

in the meantime, i put some more glass bead gel on this, hoping to make it look more mixed media- we'll see what they say at the gallery! i like it, tho & the glass beads (i think) enhance the frosty look of the photo. i have a few others that might be good to try too.

this is the one i started last night. i think that once i have painted the border burnt sienna, maybe working bits of ochre & green in somehow, i will quite like it.

lastly, the gel has pretty much dried on this, making the words visible, if not entirely legible, inside the heart. like the way it's shaping up- could be a good february addition-

that's it- have a good week all!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

open house at the studio

had an open house at the studio this afternoon for the folks who have been asking about how it turned out. and pam & nancy came over to make art. sometimes being a ski widow is OK.

so in addition to having company, i got to make art. here's the valentine for aids piece so far. the heart is heavy soft gel & will dry clear.

here's a 6x6 that i started today. the dictionary page has crazy on it- demented, insane, mad, lunatic are part of the definition & are embedded in the heart, which is glass bead gel and will dry clear.

this is one of the marker drawings i did a few weeks ago. the spray varnish seems to have helped control the running when i put gel medium over it. i need to not mess with it any more. this should be done. 

this is the start of another photo based mixed media piece. we'll see how far i can push the mixed media photo stuff in the gallery. there are only 5 photographers allowed to be juried in at one time. so i can't hang/sell photos. thus the question about the rose hip piece. i had a photographer and a gallery member (2 different people) there today both of whom thought i should call it mixed media & hang it.

we'll see :) this was a bw photo colored with markers. i am building a frame with paper & crackle paste.

pam, nancy (chewing, sorry nancy!) and patty working away. lynn is in the corner behind me. the little studio holds a few women- it's a good thing :)

here's the table after everyone left. the piece on the right is an 11x14 that i had painted red, but added the paper to today.

fun day! nice to get to know lynn better. click the link to visit her blog. lynn does beautiful horse sculptures and is really generous sharing her technique. and we share a love of music, which was fun to discover.

tomorrow is hiking, packing, some work & preparing for next week's travel. football w/hub, maybe a bit of art. you'll know if that happens :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

home again

quick trip! sunny & 70- loverly weather! business trip went well, took advantage of the weather & spent an hour at the desert botanical gardens this afternoon. if you've ever in phoenix with time to kill check it out. close to the airport and just a great spot.

those of you who've read the blog for a while know that i love the desert and i love cacti b/c they look so sculptural to me- and my photos reflect that. i often go to black & white to focus on the shapes.

friday tomorrow! yay! i am having an open house for my friends who want to check out the studio saturday- which also means studio time for moi! one thing about being a ski widow- it leaves lots of time for art :)

happy friday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and she's off!

it's been a week! cranking back up at work, still no desktop (best buy called yesterday to tell me it's taking so long b/c they're trying to extract all of the data from the failed drive and they have never seen one with so many photos on it. i think i better go through things when i get it back. and find the terabyte external hard drive & use it.

open studios group meeting last night. the current pres sent out an email resigning at 9 am (meeting at 7 pm) b/c he didn't like the direction a group of us (10-12 of 45 members) want to go. of course, we are the most vocal and energized members, so we will probably try it our way (with meetings, committees, following the bylaws) this year. only 5 of us showed up last night, but we made some executive decisions & we'll see where it goes from here. hopefully we have more than 5 people at the next membership meeting!

printed presentations, pulled data, packed & ready for the biz trip to phoenix (ahhhh 70 degrees & sunshine! palm trees!)

went to the studio to grab the nano- and look what happened- i added some light modeling paste to the valentine. it's coming along. i'm not sure about the rose but it does look better in real life, so we'll see.

and here's another case of looking at something and coming up with a better answer- i felt that the dark border was too separated & wanted things to tie better. so i watered down some liquid titanium white and washed it over the piece & i like it much better now.

also put some thought into what to do for the leftovers print exchange i've signed up for. never mind the fact that i'm not a print maker. it sounds like fun, though, and there are folks from all over the world participating, so click the link & check it out- you may decide to get involved.

now, off to bed as i get up at 4:30 to head to warm and sunny arizona. i mentioned that before, didn't i? it has been cold, but at least we've had sun the past few days.

i'll do my best to share some palm trees tomorrow:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm baaaaack- briefly-

let's see- emerging artist show opening thursday evening went really was well attended by the artists & their guests, which fulfilled one of the show's goals of getting new people into the gallery. we were also thanked by a few artists for having the show & giving them the courage to put their art out there, which was wonderful. the winners were very excited, and one of them even sold a piece! calling it a success.

friday the desktop died- one week out of warrnaty. i am convinced that when i didn't say "yes hewlett packard, i would love to pay for an extended warranty!" they blew up the hard drive. off to best buy & the geek squad who have evidently been able to save most of the data from the fried drive & who installed a new one- a terrabyte, which should hold plenty of music & photos. luckily, friday was also girl's night out- italian theme at pam's- much fun & laughter.

frosty hike saturday am, then to tully's coffee to hang artwork, then patty & i went to fairfield to meet the guys after their day of skiing. live music & good food (and wine) in the local brew pub.

home today, studio time this afternoon. pam & nancy stopped by, as did vicky & margie. since i have no desktop i didn't get these scanned in. hopefully tomorrow. in the meantime- i did get the paper off of this & painted the edges. trying to figure out if i can slide it into the gallery. i didn't jury in as a photographer, and those spots are very limited. can i call it mixed media since it's on glass bead gel & has paint on it? (well, of course i can- but will anyone buy it?)

this is now tolerable. i took anne's suggestion of adding some dark at the bottom and pam's of glazing the rose hip to bring it out some and my own idea of modeling paste through a stencil on top and i don't hate it as much.

every year a local coffee shop does a valentine's for aids auction. it's invitation only, and i finally found out how to get on the wait list last year. pam & i both got invites this year. below is the beginning of the piece. i was thinking of doing a heart in glass bead gel or heavy soft gel over the rose & the arrow. we'll see if i still think that's a good idea when it dries :) i wanted girlier lace, but didn't have any in the house (shock!) maybe a doily.....

tomorrow night is a bosco meeting, and we'll see how the open studios group will shape up next year- and whether i am still involved.

phoenix (warm, sunny phoenix) wed & thurs- another busy week! i'll try to keep up the posts, but if not, have a good one!