Tuesday, December 27, 2011

what i love about mixed media

studio night! just pam, nancy & me tonight. here's nancy working on an intricate design (which nancy specializes in) for an altoids tin :)

i was stuck. again. one of the things i love about studio night is that i am in the studio to make art but i can distract myself from that fact if i need to. so i can drink wine and laugh and not worry about what i'm doing. which works out great if i can't think of what to do.

so i pulled out some canvasses and the scraps

and started making backgrounds

i have no idea where the green is coming from. not my fave color unless it's b/c of chlorophyll. will have to look up associations, tho i would suspect they have to do with growth, rebirth, etc. maybe that means i am about to break thru my block, which would be excellent!

and what i love about mixed media collage is that when i am stuck i can just throw stuff together that can be painted over later, but makes a great textural background. sometimes when i go back to the canvas there is a direction that i didn't see when i put it together. it's great to be free of the (self imposed) pressure to draw or paint and give myself permission to play.
here's the latest hodge podge of work. i am going to apply for a city art project that requests 10 pieces of recent work. i'm kinda worried about finding 10 pieces that look the same (besides being mixed media). but it isn't due til february, so who knows what will happen?

it was good to be in the studio tonight and just make stuff. that's a good first step. i also quite like the two bare trees pieces (i guess that there are 3 if you count the goddess). so things are moving, they're just not smoothly rolling along. be interesting to see what comes next.

happy wednesday!


Pam McKnight said...

yes it was great. Always good to be able to visit while making art. I'm feeling better about my blockage too :)

Gabrielle said...

Ooo, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the backgrounds you made. Intriguing!

Good luck with your application to the city art project!!!

Barb said...

Oh, I've missed the studio and you, too! Wanted to stop by and wish you all good things in 2012, Marianne. May the creative muse continue to keep you company.