Tuesday, December 20, 2011


back to tuesday nights- yay! pam, lynn & nancy in attendance. i have missed them!

got help with this- this is one thing that is so valuable for me about getting together to paint with other artists (my blog friends also serve the same purpose on many occasions). i had decided that the vase was too much for the rest of the piece- it overpowered everything. so i washed on some thinned fluid titan buff, and painted the flower centers (aka buttons) red. then i added red back into the body, still not quite there.

when i asked for help i said "since i don't do collage" and pam said "what is it you do when you layer all of that stuff in your mixed media work then?" (another thing that's valuable about getting together w/ friends and painting.....) anyway, the consensus was tie it together more, so i painted the outside red rather than blue, stamped red via a wine cork (seemed appropriate) into the heart & painted in the edges.

now i have red tying together and circles and the gold dot at the bottom bouncing back to the flower colors at top. way better.

then there's this- i have been tinkering with it for a while. like the colors in the background & the tree images, but stuck. i have the same images ready to transfer, only bigger, but couldn't get it quite right.

then i decided that it must be OK to use markers, because this is mixed media after all and i knew i could never control a brush well enough to get what i wanted. my original thought was to use these trees as an interim layer, do a wash or two and then another transfer of the images in back. only larger, over it. but i kind of like what i have here so far. my friends helped me on this too- lynn called me out on my oft repeated comment that i can't draw. but these trees don't really count as DRAWING, do they?

a wonderful evening! looking forward to studio time friday & monday too- i have both days off and am feeling like playing!

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