Sunday, December 11, 2011


my poor studio! i am officially addicted to altoids tin art and that seems to require having EVERYTHING out, bc i don't know what i might want to use. odds are it will be a golden product tho!

although this means that i am not making art for the gallery (as in to hang on the walls), it is a good thing for me to be doing. i was feeling so stuck, and this is helping. i am remembering that it's ok to play, to doodle, to be sort of crafty (horrors!) and if they actually sell & raise money so much the better.

here are some of the (9) tins i am working on-

my new fave is golden self leveling gel. actually, i have always loved it, but for this it is invaluable. will dry nice & clear & level with what needs to be embedded embedded. perfect. less of a problem with dog & cat hair since i have moved to the studio, tho i do drop a piece of cardboard over while drying jic.

one that's nearly done (are we really only asking $20 for these?) tentatively titled beach in a box. the gel on the left will dry clear. 

tree and decorating tomorrow, but with any luck at all more art too-

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Pam McKnight said...

These are really cool.