Sunday, December 11, 2011

nearing completion!

saw this this morning when we went to get our christmas tree- title: <3 coffee (if that <3 would just turn into a heart.....)

the tree is up, the house smells great and i got to see my favorite ornaments. it's like seeing old friends every year- the ruby slipper, t rex, santa troll :)

watched the bronco game, walked the dogs, to the studio for more altoids tin fun. i had two female figures show up. this one is dancing queen. the inside of the lid facing this figure is black with silver stars and rhinestones. i think it will be cute when done.

i think that this is lakshmi, goddess of abundance. she needs a little more work.

here is the outside of the ocean themed box at the end of yesterday's post. nearly finished. the gel holding the shells will dry clear. this is beach in a box or a day at the beach or something.

and one that illustrates what i'm trying to do in terms of tying it all together- this is the outside lid (still waiting for the gel to dry- i turned up the space heater in the studio).

side says "do you believe in love? do you?" (i was listening to ryan adams). the forever came about because for some reason an f rubbed off and it worked with the rest.

and the interior. not crazy about the wrinkles in the lid, so i may redo that, but otherwise it's pretty good.

maybe more crafty that arty but oh so much fun!

have a great week!

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