Thursday, December 15, 2011

messing around...

finally felt decent enough to get back to the studio this evening. finishing up some altoids tins-

this one cracked oddly- must be because i left a transparency in the self leveing gel. it works for me, always happy to have texture add interest 

trying to decide what i could do with this, came up with the idea of using an upside down canvas as a frame. i may use needlepoint yarn thru the corners to fix in on the canvas.... maybe a dark background- could be fun to play with.

this i started for a fundraiser that is happening tonight. small child with cancer, which is cureable but bankrupting his parents. criminal. i don't know the family, but a friend does & asked me to contribute. anyway, didn't get it done & contributed something else, but got going on it tonight. the heart as vase is an image that i have used several times.

not crazy about the bright green stems & think i need a triangle at the base of the heart for it to stand on. maybe sand the background back some too. but it's a start and it was great to put paint on a canvas again!

off to sun valley this weekend for the annual early season maybe we can ski but for sure we can hang at the lodge & enjoy the pool trip. found a santa pub crawl on facebook- they are hoping to have 100 people in santa suits! how fun is that! hoping we feel good enough to go- if so, you can count on photos :)


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Judy Wood said...

That crackle texture is really nice. Bet you couldn't duplicate it if you actually wanted it to do that.

Try using a reversed cradled board if you want a more solid back than the canvas.