Saturday, December 3, 2011

lots of "in progress"

i got to spend time in the studio today (no leaves were raked, no cleaning was done, but there was a hike & a grocery store run or two & a bit of football watched with the hub). i do feel like progress was made, i'm just not quite sure what yet.

i recently commented on gabrielle's blog that the piece she was having a hard time with would tell her what to do. i hope like hell that's true for me too! the two on the bottom left in particular i feel like have promise, but i have no idea where to go from here.

this is a photo that i coated with glass bead gel (thanks for the idea judy!). i thought that the winter landscape would take nicely to this treatment. it might be better if i made a transfer out of it, but the photo paper doesn't seem interested. i may try again but print the image on something else. in reality it is lighter with less detail, but still usable.

this is the one piece that may be finished. at least it's close. fly seems to be the theme of the moment. crane's wings are intact unlike the last time i used her.

we are doing an altoids tin art show (tinstallation) at the gallery in january. it is a fundraiser for 2 local groups- boise open studios, treasure valley childrens institute for the arts (trica) and to retire sign debt at the gallery. we'll be selling tins for $20, 100% of the proceeds go the the organization whose artist made the tin.

i have seen some really creative stuff and have been a bit worried about finding my groove, but since i got to tinker in the studio today i feel a bit better. going to lynn's tomorrow to work on these and that will surely help even more.

and then- kid rock tomorrow night in a venue that holds 3000. sold out in a couple of hours. not my all time fave, but it should be a great show, and he is donating the gate to the foodbank and other local charities. i just hope he does more obnoxious tacky insensitive rock and roll than sappy ballad crap. (what do i really think?)

then off to chicago on tuesday, but hopefully i will get some festive michigan ave holiday shots!

i'm sure there will be a full kid rock report- stay tuned!

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