Monday, December 19, 2011

a little r&r

we made one of my favorite annual trips last weekend. sun valley lodge has an early season ski & stay deal. the stay is my favorite part- the heated outdoor pools, photos of celebs lining the lodge walls (from 1936 to present), sun valley serenade on continuous play on the tv. (note to barb: the south hillsides are bare, tho they were bragging about having the best snow in the west right now- because of the resort's major snow making capabilities. it's pretty sad).

for an added bonus this year we discovered the santarchy pub crawl (facebook can be a beautiful thing!), so we dressed up appropriately (santa is in his dress suit), had the concierge take a blurry photo & headed out. it was a blast! lots of people wanted to talk to santa. some folks at dinner looked at us oddly, but who cares? it was most amusing to look around the bar & see 50-60 santas of various types.

when we got back on sunday i went to lynn's for more altoids tin play- she & barry generously providing resin. below are some of my & lisa's tins in progress.

tonight, back in the studio. i finally ordered some books from amazon, which is usually helpful in getting me unstuck. one is new creative collage techniques by nita leland. i had all of this paper out from playing with the tins and realized that part of what bothers me about this is that it's so flat.

so i started cutting & placing paper

and here's where we are now. better, though the flowers aren't strong enough for the vase, i don't think. so i may put a layer of pink or even white paper over all, or a wash of titan buff. it's progress, tho, and was fun to play with.

back in the studio tomorrow night- yay! and i have friday & monday off & no obligations, so i should be able to get lots of studio time in this weekend.


Judy Wood said...

I've read good things about the Nita Leland book. It's on my Christmas list, so I haven't yet ordered it. Will do so if Santa doesn't come through with it.

becky said...

Aaaaah, that looks so relaxing!
Love your blue toes! Sounds like a great all around good time! And looks like you are making some fun & whimsical art, too!
Merry Christmas Marianne... have a great one!
ps... now I want to dress up like Santa!