Sunday, December 25, 2011

holiday cheer

it's been a very social week- hence the lack of posts. i had friday off, but didn't make it into the studio. this project is a result of a friend telling me that her tree stand broke, and her tree was leaning in the corner & she thought she might just decorate it that way (b/c she could still water it in the broken stand), but wasn't sure how to decorate it.

i thought that empty wine bottles would be just the thing. then had the brainstorm below.

bought 2 mini bottles and laid them down on card stock to make wing shapes. the card stock curled, so i ended up using canvas paper, which worked great. i painted both sides gold, then found decorative paper to adhere to one side. if you look closely below you can see the wing shapes.

for the heads, i used beer bottle tops. i used these cogs (from a tim holtz set i picked up a while ago) and placed the gems on them. i would have used glass bead gel or modeling paste to fill but this was a 1 hour project, so i used heavy duty glue instead.

heads being glued to the bodies.

with the wings adhered-

with copper wire wrapped around the necks to hang them from the tree-

and lastly, in their new home. i have been warned that they may be emptied out before they're put away for next year :)

merry christmas to all! hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day! i'm looking forward to more studio time tomorrow- stay tuned!

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