Monday, December 5, 2011

fun with altoids

started the day with a nice hike- including a sleepy great horned owl- see her?

then off to lynn's studio for some altoids tin art fun. the gallery is doing a tinstallation as our january show and we invited some other arts groups to join us (so we'd have enough to fill up the featured artist area). one of the groups is bosco (boise open studios), so lynn and lisa and i got together yesterday to get started.

gessoed tins

my contribution- i knew that this paper would come in handy some day!

one of the tins in progress. lynn is a sculptor, and her husband casts her pieces. barry kindly offered to pour resin for us, which really increases the options. this is the first pour over the shells-

these are as addictive as atcs! i look forward to getting back to them when i get back from chicago.

lastly, saw kid rock in a small (600 people) venue last night. great show. and he donated the gate to several local charities, which made it even better.

and now- off to work!

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