Monday, December 26, 2011

bare trees

fleetwood mac's bare trees has been running through my head lately because we have cold weather but no snow.

here are a couple of photos that i took the other day walking around my in law's farm-

here's what's been going on in the studio:

this is a photo that i coated with glass bead gel and then realized i wasn't going to peel off the paper to make a transfer. i played around with different ideas, then opted for the simple presentation below- what do you think?

and another bare trees- notice the images in the very background- trees with their leaves in a row-

bare trees added with a sharpie (it is mixed media after all)

a layer of matte gel medium. note the texture added over the circle in the sky

i liked the effect of the distressed bronze on the orb, but it was much lighter than anything else & didn't tie well. i tried putting the oxidizer on the bronze dots (made with the same paint) but no dice.

i added lines of bronze in the tree trunks and then tried to age those as well, but that didn't work either. must need more paint. i gave up & painted over the orb to make it tie better. unfortunately all of the additional layers have pretty much obscured the trees in the background, but they're still there informing the outcome. added the red spatters for some spice & i think done.

we'll see what other bare trees show up in the next few days.

studio night tomorrow- yay! hope everyone had a wonderful christmas!

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